Yearn to Meet Allah

Yearn to Meet Allah

        Yearn to Meet Allah. As moslem, we realize that our life is not as free as non-moslem do. We cannot do as freely as we want. There are rules of Allah that they should be done.

Our Prophet Muhammad (Shallallahu`alaihi Wa Sallam) said: “The world is a prison for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer.” [HR. Muslim]

        A believer is ever mindful of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). Therefore, he/she is not free to do what they please. They cannot wait to get to Jannah where they will have no restrictions of any kind, no suffering, no sacrifice, and no separation from their loved ones. That is why this world feels like a prison to them. Those believers who are even more cognizant of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) are in even more pain because of their separation from Him.

        A lover always yearns to join his Beloved (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). This is the sole thought occupying his or her mind.

        Below is a poem of me as a lover of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).

Yearn to meet Allah.

In this world of havoc and chaos, I may live and strive

As in a jail I feel in our travel of life

As a prisoner we actually live

As an ummah, this deen we shall revive.

Sisters in Haijaabs, brothers in thobes

We’re human, not mind controlled probes.

It’s my religion, my deen I represent

Walking on the edge, with words of hate, my fate Allah’s sent

Women and men as seen before

not giving in to steam breathing kuffar who roar.

To my destination I don’t stand far

In a black sky shines that one star

Our heads down in humility, raising our hands to the sky with sincerity

Proud of my brethren, our religion’s past and present

Khalifah Abu bakar Ash-Shiddiq

Maintaining for our deen, living in simplicity.

Khlifah Umar Al-Khattab to Ali ibn Talib

Fighting for our deen, rising together as a star and crescent.

Queens of Islam forever

Fatimah Zahra – her modest endeavor

It’s the time to rise out of our shell

Raised was our deen with every empire that fell.

Haq- The truth shall forever reveal

This life for moslem is not a dream, but a pact – eternal seal

Allah is the true innermost desire of my heart,

Love of Allah is the deepest thought in my mind.

Whenever I glance at the world around me,

Islam is all in my heart, my mind and my sight.

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