Woodcutter Keep Secret

Woodcutter Keep Secret

Woodcutter Keep Secret

Woodcutter Keep Secret

      Once upon a time in the village near the river, a woodsman discovered a hoard of golden coins. Knowing well that his wife was a terrible chatterbox, he started to try thinking about the best way to keep his secret. Finally, he made some careful preparations. After he had some ideas, he went off to fetch his wife. (also read : Advice of Wise Merchant)

      “Look! Look! Look my dear!” He shouted out suddenly, as they passed beneath a tree, “there’s a fish, a trout fish, my dear, growing on that branch.” He continued saying and pretended he just looked it for the first time.

      Of course it made his wife was in her amazement, he took down the fish, which he actually had out there himself. Then they went on to the river where he often went fishing. There, the woodsman pulled in his hook, and drew out a hare, which he also had placed there earlier. They went on again, and he pretended to stumble upon the hoard of golden coins. The wife was surprised to have discovered so many gold coins. (Also read other article at : Pearl Heart of Father)

      And when his wife, despite all the woodsman’s pleas to keep the matter quiet, began to boast to their friends, the woodsman was ready for solving this problem and then he asked his wife in front of her friends.

      “A hoard of treasure in the woods? When exactly did this happen, dear?” Asked the woodcutter to his wife.

      “You can’t have forgotten, can you?” insisted his silly wife. “It was when we found the trout growing in a tree and caught the hares in the river!” (Also read other article at : Soal Seni Rupa Dua Dimensi)

      Hearing the little arguing between the woodcutter and his wife, her friends assumed that she was making it all up, and they did not believe one word about the treasure.

      And so what about a hoard of golden coins was still in secret. The Woodcutter Keep Secret and no one knew about this, except the woodcutter and his wife.

      That’s all the end of the story about Woodcutter Keep Secret. (also read other story in Indonesian version at : Jangan Marah Jika Aku Goda)

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