Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri

Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri

Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri

        Insya Allah tomorrow or two days later Idul Fitri will come. All Muslim around the world will be happy to face it. Many Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri will be expressed. They can be in spoken or wriiten, directly or indirectly. There are many ways to utterance.
        In this case one way to express Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri can be used in SMS (short message service), Whatsapp, email or others. There are also many expressions about Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri used.

Below are some Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri:

When stringing words lie …
If the behavior incises wounds …
When a heart full of prejudice …
We are sorry the door opened …

Time flows like water
Holy Ramadan will end
For one who ever existed
For one who ever hurt
For lie who had spoken
The door was always sorry I hope

Bring hands, join hearts
That’s the beauty of friendship
On the day we match victory
Sincerity to forgive each other
Idul Fitri Mubarak

Tucked in my joke,
Graze wound in my laughter,
Tangled bitterly in my act,
Offended taste in my counsel.
Day of victory has arrived,
Hopefully one and sins forgiven.
Come clean with yourself,
purify the liver on Idul Fitri.

No happy that tempestuous,
no happy that blow out,
but to return to the nature and His forgiveness.
For many days of Idul Fitri.

Hand stretched fault stayed,
Close relationships our neighbor,
Hopefully happy and excited,
in a glorious feast.

One Shawwal before arriving,
Takbir echoed face soul,
If there is wrong and sin,
Day stayed noble forgiveness.

Had not had time to shake fingers,
If the body cannot be met,
In order to imprint wound words,
May the door of forgiveness be still open.

Connecting love, love knitting,
sincere floored, roofed prayer.
During his life covered with mistakes,
washed away hopes for forgiveness.

Fragrant jasmine fragrant scent,
As an ornamental in the Day of Fitri,
This message is a replacement self,
Extend your hand of friendship.
Happy Idul Fitri

Sat on a couch
Cots are made of teak wood
Glad themselves can condone
Relief to get to the bottom of my heart

Sorry, I’m not good at poetry
So go directly to the core
with genuine and sincere from the heart
I congratulate Idul Fitri

Buy ice at the Mrs. Yati’s stall.
Place on a plate meal together.
SMS I have received,
It also has the same purpose.
Minal ‘Aidin wal Faizin ..
We are sorry physically and spiritually ..

Malay dance Zapping tramp
Measure step count eight
Idul Fitri is in the doorway
Please excuse any mistaken

Dawn only a distant memory,
Sound of Takbir change ahead.
I came to reach out,
beg pardon all mistakes.

Ten fingers neatly arranged,
brings fragrant jasmine flowers.
My intentions are sincere hearts,
begged forgiveness on the Day of Fitri.

Month of Ramadan has passed
Victory Day has come
Let’s clean the soul and heart
From the sin that wallow

Ramadan wash sooty liver
Time to achieve grace and mercy
For oral and unguarded manner
We opened the door of forgiveness as much as possible.

Faith makes All Things possible.
Hope makes All Things Work.
Love makes beautiful All Things.
May you have all of the three.
Happy Idul Fitri.

Faith makes everything possible
Hope makes everything run
Love makes everything beautiful
May you have all three
Happy Idul Fitri

I meet Iman, Taqwa, Patience and Peace,
I meet Joy, Love, Health and Wealth today.
They need a permanent place to stay.
I Give Them your address.
Hope They arrive safely to Celebrate Idul Fitri with you.
May God bless you and your family.
May Allah bless you and your family.

Let’s write down all the Mistakes in the sand
And let the wind of Forgiveness erase it away
Happy Idul Fitri!

Let us write all the sins and errors in the sand.
And let the wind erase forgiveness.
Happy Idul Fitri!

        That’s all we can share about Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri. Nothing can be useful, except each of forgive each other. Hopefully the expression of Wise Word Collection of Idul Fitri are useful for us.

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