Wipe Away Your Tear

Wipe Away Your Tear

Wipe Away Your Tear

      Life is a long journey that it is full of hard obstacles. but no matter how these obstacles attack someone, it will feel lighter if there is other people who supports and helps to solve the problems faced. (also read : The Most Important Final Test for Human)

      Related to that words, one poem I will share to my beloved readers. I entitled the poem “Wipe Away Your Tear” This poem is about supporting someone to his/her couple in order to have spirit to face on her/his problem. However, it is actually the readers are allowed free to interpret the content of the poem.

Below is the poem about Wipe Away Your Tear:

Wipe Away Your Tear

I cannot ease your aching heart,

Nor take your pain away;

I cannot reduce your burden brain,

Nor take your confused think;

But let me stay and take your hand

And walk with you today.

I will feed when you want to eat,

I will listen when you need to talk,

I will wipe away your tears;

I will share your worries when they come,

I will help you face your fears.

Do not be afraid

Do not be shame

Do not sob

Do not despair

I am here and I will stand by you,

On each hill you have to climb;

So take my hand, let’s face the world…

And live just one day at a time.

You are not alone, for I am still here,

I will go that extra mile;

And when your grief is easier,

I will help you learn to smile!

Remember that life is full of challenge.

      I think that’s all the poem about Wipe Away Your Tear I can share to You, My beloved readers. I hope the poem about Wipe Away Your Tear above can be useful to inspire us to spirit our couple. (also read : Yearn to My Sweet Countryside)

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