Wife Lost in Shopping Center

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

      One day Paijo and his wife went to Shopping Center for buying somethings. However, for a while they were looking for the goods they wanted, they were separated and it made Paijo lost his wife. He had been looking for her for more than an hour but he could not find her. He could not connect with her because her mobile phone was not active. His Wife Lost in Shopping Center. (Also read : The Eagle Who Lived Like a Hen)

In his bedevilment, he met a small girl crying near a toilet. The girl was separated with her mother while they were shopping.

Paijo : “Why are you crying, cute girl?”

The girl : “I have lost my mother.”

Paijo : “Come on, Don’t cry cute girl. Let’s look for together while I also look for my wife.”

Finally, they agreed to look for together. While they were on the way for looking for, they talked together. (Also read other article at : Soal Olimpiade Matematika SD)

Paijo : “Your father didn’t come with you, did he?”

The girl : “My father had passed away, Sir. I go only with my mother.”

Paijo : “Oh, l am sorry to hear that” ( rubbing the girl’s hair). “By the way, what does your mother look like ?”

The girl : “My mother is tall, slim, and wearing mini skirt. Her face is like Raisa. Her body is like Aura Kasih. Wearing high heel like Syahrini.”

Paijo soon imagined how beautiful and sexy the girl’s mother was. In his day dreaming of the girl’s mother, suddenly the girl said. (Also read other story at : Effort Never Abuse Result)

The girl : “By the way, what is your wife like, Sir?”

Paijo : “Well, forget her ! Your Mother is more important now. Let’s find your mother soon.”


Paijo…… Paijo…….

      That’s all the post about Wife Lost in Shopping Center we can share for this occasion. We hope that article about Wife Lost in Shopping Center above can amuse us so it can make slow down our mind. (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Taman Sepi Perusak Cinta)

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