Ways to Calm Restless Heart

Ways to Calm Restless Heart

Ways to Calm Restless Heart

Ways to Calm Restless Heart

        in this occasion we like to share about the ways to calm restless heart. These ways only a few ways from many ways to calm restless heart we can share. And we hope that this share can help us to overcome the feeling of restless heart. Let’s follow the ways to calm restless heart as below: (Also read : Best Friend Loves Without Any Reason)

Some ways to calm restless heart:

  1. Sabr (Be Patient)

“O you who believe! seek assistance through patience and prayer; surely Allah is with the patient.” (Q.S. Al-Baqarah : 153)

        This instruction from Allah provides us with two critical tools that can ease our worries and pain. Patience and prayer are two oft-neglected stress-busters. Sabr is often translated as patience but it is not just that. It includes self-control, perseverance, endurance, and a focused struggle to achieve one’s goal. Unlike patience, which implies resignation, the concept of Sabr includes a duty to remain steadfast to achieve your goals despite all odds. (Also read other article at : Science Flowing is Like a River)

        Being patient gives us control in situations where we feel we have little or no control. ‘We cannot control what happens to us but we can control our reaction to our circumstances’ is the mantra of many modern-day self-help books. Patience helps us keep our mind and attitude towards our difficulties in check.

  1. Tell Your Problems only to Allah

“Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.” (Q.S. Al-Fatihah : 5)

        When a person faces severe problems, it is definitely going to look for something that it can be a place to turn to and confide that have become a burden to him during this time. Allah has warned His slaves in the verse that it is read by every Muslim at least 17 times a day:

        When that problems were lodged to the Creator (Allah), it will alleviate the heavy burden that we have been suffer. If we confide with our friends, instead it will open our own disgrace, right ???? …..

        So, let’s tell our problems only to Allah, and ask only to Allah to solve our problems.

  1. Positive thinking

” . . . . Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition; and when Allah intends evil to a people, there is no averting it, and besides Him they have no protector. (Q.S Ar-Ra’d : 11)

        The mind can be directed towards positive thinking or negative thinking. The power of thought is a neutral power. The way one thinks determine whether the results are positive and beneficial or negative and harmful. It is the same of energy acting in different ways. Persistent inner work can change habits of thoughts. You must be willing to put energy and time to avoid negative thinking and pursue positive thinking, in order to change your mental attitude. Think of those things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, in other words, to fill your mind with noble, good thoughts, leaving no room for negative ones to take root.

        Thinking positive can work miracles. You may have been told to “guard your thoughts”, but felt the advice to be pointless. After all, your thoughts are private. How can they possibly affect someone else? The fact is, thoughts do seem to boomerang in some mysterious ways. Science has not found a way to measure them as they have invisible sound waves. In order to understand how positive thinking works, and how to use it efficiently, it is important to understand the power of negative thinking. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Sepak Bola)

  1. Dzikrullah (Remember to Allah)

“Those who believe and whose hearts are set at rest by the remembrance of Allah; now surely by Allah’s remembrance are the hearts set at rest. (Q.S Ar-Ra’d : 28)

        If you commute, use your time in Zikr. Pick any Tasbih and do that instead of listening to the radio or reading the newspaper. Maybe you can divide it up between Zikr and planning. Personally, I recite the Tasbih of “Subhana Allahu wa bi hamdihi, subhana Allahil Azeem” 100 times as I drive. The Prophet taught us these two short phrases which are easy to say but will weigh heavy on our scale of good deeds in the Hereafter.

        When your heart feels heavy with stress or grief, remember Allah and surround yourself with His Zikr. Zikr refers to all forms of the remembrance of Allah, including hSalat, Tasbih, Tahmid, Tahlil, making supplication (Do’a), and reading Quran.

“And your Lord says: Call upon Me, I will answer you; surely those who are too proud for My service shall soon enter hell abased.” (Q.S Ghafr : 60)

        By remembering Allah in the way He has taught us to, we are more likely to gain acceptance of our prayers and His Mercy in times of difficulty. We are communicating with the only One Who not only Hears and Knows all, but Who can change our situation and give us the patience to deal with our difficulties.

“Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, and be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.” (Q.S Al-Baqarah : 152).

  1. Shalat

“And seek assistance through patience and prayer, and most surely it is a hard thing except for the humble ones.” (Q.S Al-Baqarah : 45)

        Use the five daily prayers as a means to become more Hereafter-oriented and less attached to this temporary world. Start distancing yourself as soon as you hear Adhan, the call to prayer. When you perform Wudu, keep repeating Shahada, the declaration of faith, as water drops slip down your face, hands, arms, and hair. When you stand ready to pray, mentally prepare yourself to leave this world and all of its worries and stresses behind you.

        Of course, Shaytan will try to distract you during prayer. But whenever this happens, go back and remember Allah. The more you return, the more Allah will reward you for it. Also, make sure your Sajdas (prostrations) are talking Sajdas, in which you are really connecting to God and seeking His Mercy, praising Him, and asking His forgiveness.

Wallahu a’lam bish-shawab

        That’s all about the ways to calm restless heart we can share. Hopefully the post about the ways to calm restless heart can be useful for us to make our restless being calm down.

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