Watu Karung Beach Pacitan

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan

        There are some beaches around Pacitan regency. Watu Karung beach is one of those beaches as the sea tourist destination for surfing sport in East Java. This beach is also known as white sands beach. The panorama of the is really beautiful. We can feel the softy of white sands, with the blue wave and small island coral, and sometime, the tranquility makes it better. Because there are still a few people have their vacation here, so that this beach is still clean from rubbish.

        Watu Karung beach is located in watu karung village, pringkuku district, Pacitan regency of East Java province. it is about 40 km to the west of pacitan city. Watu Karung beach Pacitan is not too far from Srau beach. It is approximately 45 minutes’ trip.

        Travel to Watu Karung beach Pacitan is not easy because this beach is in one of the points along the southern coastline of Pacitan. The Beach can be reached by motorbike or car rental through winding roads up and down hills. It is about an hour drive from the city of Pacitan towards the village of Watu Karung. It can also be reached by bus from bus station of Arjosari (Pacitan). However, we should get off at the junction area of pringkuku district. Then we use pickup vehicle get to the location. There are so many pickup cars to the location. Before reaching the location we will be treated to views of the rock, the rock around the right side of the road to the location. For the tourists who want to ask the location if they lost, don’t be afraid there most people are still very friendly to guide.

        Although the beach is not so widespread. Watu Karung beach Pacitan is very beautiful, there are distant views of the large rocks that lined and slightly decorated green plants. Clean white sand beaches are still free from rubbish to make something so refreshing. Green sea water at the edge and make clear the corals and underwater life are visible without we have dive.

        Behind the beauty, Watu Karung Beach Pacitan proved to have extraordinary waves. Because of the waves, Watu Karung Beach Pacitan is also good for surfer. So many tourists come here, not only to enjoy the view, but also to surf. We can enjoy surfing as free as we want here, because there are not many surfers. We can also do the other activities, like fishing or even we can build up tend here.

        There some Facilities around the Watu Karung beach Pacitan, there are many bathrooms and public toilets around the site, a mosque near the site entrance, a small cafeteria near the shore, and near the coast there are also fish auctions. For fishing enthusiasts, the area is required to be made in the sea to visit list because remembering Watu Karung beach Pacitan also has the potential for fish which are still very abundant. for the angler can rent boats of the fishermen around the fish auction, or for who have minimal funding can utilize cliffs around the beach for fishing. On the west coast there is also a beautiful reservoir. For the traveler beautiful beaches reservoirs shall also be visited because it will be a fixture in this tour.

        So let’s come and enjoy the beautiful Watu Karung Beach Pacitan.

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