Vacation to Bajul Mati Beach

bajul mati beach

       Vacation to Bajul Mati Beach. Vacation in holiday whether to the beach, to the mountain, to the area of jungle is very interesting, especially if this is done with our friends or our family. By this reason I’d like to share about vacation to the beach. In this case I want to share about the beautiful of Bajul Mati Beach.

       As the readers know, there are many recreation places can be enjoyed for recreation in East Java Province. Here I focus the beach in Malang Regency.

       Bajul Mati beach is located southern of Malang. It is in Rejogajah Village, Gedangan District. It is approximately 58 Km of the city of Malang. The location of Bajul Mati beach can be reached about 2.5 hours from the city of Malang or about 10 minutes from Goa China beach.

       If you want to go to the beach of Bajul Mati, it is preferably through Turen district, Sumbermanjing Wetan district and Sendang Biru beach. You should be careful for driving your vehicle on the way to the beach, even though the road is fairly smooth and there are some sharp turns in the mountain roads. The street is very quiet and it is not easy to find help.

       When entering Bajul Mati Coast region, which is still clean, white sand will welcome you. The beach is still quiet to visitors, there are only a few shops selling snacks around the beach. As well as the beaches in the district of Malang, Bajul Mati Beach is pretty crowded at the time of commemorating the great days, such as Eidul Fitri, Eidul Adha, Maulud and so forth.

       Bajul Mati beach is a very beautiful beach. The water is so blue and everything is great. The wave is not too big in the morning. But after few hours, the wave is getting bigger.

       Around the beach there are several gazebos that provided for the visitors. Those gazebos are really useful because in the midday, the sun could burn human’s skin. It will also be helping if you bring any sunblock or something like that.

       Sea, sands, and waves are things that can fulfill our enjoyment to the beach. But in Bajul Mati beach, not only sea, sand and waves, but we can also enjoy other scenery like a lake.  I think this lake is pretty awesome. We can swim or take a bath in this lake because there is no wave here and the water is very fresh.

       In addition to presenting the natural charm of the southern ocean, beach Bajul Mati also known as a unique beach. As the name suggests the meaning Bajul Mati Dead Lizard (Crocodile Dead), at this beach you can see a cluster of hills opposite the beach that looks from a distance like a dead crocodile. This beach is also a good place for camping.

       But unfortunately for you who want to swim, it seems to be a bit disappointed because the structure of Bajul Mati beach and its coast is steep enough to make the visitors are forbidden to swim in the middle of the beach. However, you do not need to worry because there are a few spots on the west shore that you can use to play with the water freely. Because of the many great locations and beautiful spots such as the one made Bajul Mati Bridge. Bajul Mati Beach is also widely used to place the picture.

       So don’t be late for going to Bajul Mati Beach.

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  1. The beach is beautiful and there we were instantly greeted with white sand beaches , not only see the beauty of the sea and the waves ,, we can also swim there

    name:ayu widhya ningsih

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