Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu

Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu

Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu

Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu

       There are many recreation places in East Java Province. They are not less interesting than Yogyakarta province or others. Especially recreation places in Batu, Malang that that it has cool temperature, also has natural attractions, historical sites, and knowledgeable tourist attractions in the form of museums. Especially if you are a lover of the automotive world, in Batu, Malang, there is a museum where hundreds of collections of two and four-wheeled vehicles are stored. Therefore, if you are in East Java, especially in Batu, Malang, it will be very unfortunate if you do not visit Museum Angkut because the Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu is very attractive to enjoy. (Also read : Amazing View Around Jungwok Beach)

       Museum Angkut is a museum of modern transportation and tourist attractions located in Batu City, Malang, East Java. The museum that hold this amazing concept does not only uphold the automotive world, but visitors will find several zones with the theme of a famous foreign tourist atmosphere.

       Museum Angkut is very interesting and unique to visit. Being here you will find various collections of vehicles, unique vehicles from around the world, from traditional to modern. In addition, visitors will also be spoiled with views of the typical building background of a country as the background of the vehicle produced by the country, so that anyone who visits it will feel like abroad.

       Museum Angkut Malang is also often used as a location to hold various kinds of exhibitions, car modification competitions and of course it is not uncommon for photography lovers to come and take their best camera shots. (Also read other article at : Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader)

       Tourist location Museum of indoor or outdoor transportation also has a variety of unique facilities. With the total area of Museum Angkut is about 3.7 hectares, so the location is divided into several zones that visitors can enjoy. The following are zones in the Museum Angkut Batu, Malang.

Main Hall Zone

       Being in this room you will find many kinds of collections of Angkut (transportation) from various countries and various histories equipped with lights in such a way that creates a very attractive impression.

Educational Zone

       This zone has an area of ​​900 m2  by providing a reference according to the vision and mission of Jawa Timur Park Group, namely as the initiator of education-based tourism. Here you will get a lot of information about the history of various types of transport from year to year both domestic and foreign.

Gangster Town Zone & Broadway Street

       In this zone Al Capone as a famous gangster in the 1970s in action and ready to bring you involved in the world of gangsters. In addition, you can also find various models of transport in it. You can also take pictures with the Museum Angkut model that wears a gangster-style costume. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Perumpamaan)

European zone

       Being in this zone, you will be presented with nuances of European countries such as, Italy, France, Germany and London, which are famous cities in Europe. So traveling to Museum Angkut night will feel romantic if you are with your partner in this one zone.

Floating Market Zone

       Various souvenirs and merchandise from Museum Angkut and souvenirs from Nusantara are here. Traditional meals also enliven the feel of a floating market like the atmosphere of the past. Various handicrafts and paintings of Batu City artists such as batik art, painting, carving and can also talk directly with senior artists and bring your artwork back home as souvenirs. You can also enjoy a boat ride around the pool route that has been provided by rowing manually by officers who dress up in the style of traditional fishermen.


       Museum Angkut is located at Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung Atas Nomor 2, Batu City, Malang. The road to the Museum Angkut can be reached by private vehicles or public transportation. However, it is better you use your private vehicle for the route to the Museum Angkut along the road to the museum is very beautiful to enjoy.

       After getting information about the Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu, it’s wise if you plan for going there on your holidays.

       That’s all the post of the Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu, Malang we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu above can be used as reference before planning going to enjoy the Uniqueness of Museum Angkut Batu, Malang. (Also read other article at : UAS Fisika Kelas 11 Semester 2)

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