Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol

Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol

Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol

Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol

       Have you ever gone to World Fantasy (Dufan) in Ancol? If you have never gone and you want to go there, here we want to share about everything related of Dufan Ancol, however, in this session we are going to share about Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol, they are classified according to their level, namely Children Rides, Family Ride, Water Ride, and Thrill Ride. The following are the Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol based on their classification. (Also read : Jagatnatha temple Hindus praying place)

A. Children Rides

  1. Ubanga Banga

       This Recreation Spot is in the Kalila area. precisely on the west side of Dufan. Ubanga Banga is designed specifically for children aged 5 to 12 years. For parents do not need to worry if your child wants to ride it.

       This Recreation Spot is equipped with security, making it safe for children. They will still have fun even though their cars collide with each other.

       For children who like cars, of course this Recreation Spot is very suitable to try. To ride this Recreation Spot there are conditions, namely specifically for children who have a minimum height of 125 cm.

B. Family Ride

  1. Hello Kitty Adventure

The Hello Kitty character is very famous, who doesn’t know the characters who always wear this red ribbon? Today, Hello Kitty is here to greet his fans in Indonesia.

You can come to him while visiting Dufan, precisely on the Hello Kitty Adventure Recreation Spot. This family Recreation Spot was built to satisfy fans of the cute characters from Japan.

Visitors will be invited to look around and also take pictures with a Hello Kitty statue. The room itself is of course dominated by pink.

Its construction is the result of cooperation with Sanrio Japan. Not only Hello Kitty, there are also the character of My Melody, Kero Keroppi, Bad Batdz Maru, and juxtaposed with local Indonesian original content.

  1. Treasure Land Temple of Fire

This Recreation Spot which is located on the Dufan Maxima Stage is a theater attraction attraction at the Live Action Stuntman Show. As the name implies, of course this Recreation Spot presents interesting and thrilling attractions.

The attractions are carried out by the stuntman brought in directly from several countries, namely America, Germany, Brazil and China.

Throughout the show, the audience will be invited to enjoy a variety of tense and shocking effects. Like the effects of explosions, quicksand, battleships, large rocks collapsed, and gunshots, as well as several other effects of fire.

  1. Puppet Palace

Although not a new Recreation Spot for Dufan, Puppet Palace has always been a children’s favorite. The Puppet Palace itself is located in the European Region.

Both children and adults can ride it. Visitors will be taken by boat through a tunnel which is filled with dolls dressed in Indonesian customs and clothing that reflect the culture of other countries.

This is one form of exploring and exploring ethnic cultures throughout the archipelago to culture throughout the world.

  1. Ferris wheel

It is incomplete if this one Dufan Ancol Recreation Spot is not tried by visitors. Ferris wheel is always a favorite Recreation Spot that must be enjoyed.

This is a large-sized mill that will invite visitors to see the sights up to ± 30 meters above sea level.

This Recreation Spot has a capacity of 180 people, of course being one of the right rides to visit with family, friends and relatives.

  1. Fantasy Light Magic of Dufan

Fantasy Light Magic is a park rides area that carries the concept of digital lights. This Recreation Spot is open every day at 18.00 – 20.00 WIB.

Inside, visitors will be spoiled with a variety of trees and various animals that can emit light. In addition, visitors will also be invited to enjoy the Multimedia Show held at the Fantastique Recreation Spot. (Also read other article at : Father Slam Bone for Family)

  1. Star Wars

Star War is a Recreation Spot that carries the concept of planetary ground in the year 2200. Visitors are invited to fight against aliens by driving a special capsule complete with a single laser.

During the game, visitors are required to shoot some evil aliens who will attack suddenly. In the capsule that is driven by visitors there is a score board that can be a reference value of the shot.

  1. Kalila Adventure

This Recreation Spot carries the collaboration of five elements of advanced technology, namely musical showbiz, animatronic theater, film, sound and special effects, and science.

Kalila Adventure itself has a capacity of 800 people. Visitors can enjoy shows that are full of technological sophistication combined with interesting stories that are suitable for watching with family.

  1. Leaning House

This Recreation Spot does not rely on machines like other Dufan Ancol Recreation Spots. Leaning House carries the concept of engineering design that is able to manipulate the human senses.

When trying it, visitors will see that every item on display is almost all sloping and not infrequently the visitors will walk while holding on because as if these objects will fall on him.

  1. Teapot

When riding this Recreation Spot, visitors will feel like they are entering into a large glass that can accommodate several people and invited to go round and round.

In the middle there will be a teapot or a large teapot surrounded by large glasses that visitors ride.

  1. Ontang Anting

When riding the Recreation Spot Ontang Anting, visitors will sit in a chair and carried in the air. Visitors will feel the excitement by riding it.

Although carried around in circles at height, this Recreation Spot does not include extreme rides. So, Ontang Anting is safe for riding both adults and children.

  1. Rajawali

Rajawali is a game that will take visitors round and round at an altitude that can reach 25 meters. This Recreation Spot applies physics in the form of circular motion and pulley systems.

From this Recreation Spot, visitors can while watching the scenery from a height and enjoy the gentle breeze.

  1. Combat Birds

Combat Birds is one of the Dufan Ancol Recreation Spots that can rotate 360 ​​° and can be raised manually down by visitors.

This game is one of the most favored by children because it can float and spin up to a height of 15 meters. For its own capacity, the maximum is up to 28 people.

  1. Baku Toki

Baku Toki is one of the prima donna games in an era where the name is better known as a car bomb bomb that is very popular with teenagers.

Baku Toki has another name, namely a bumper car or a bumper car. There are eight Recreation Spots that are ready to be hit by other drivers and this is the core of the game.

The riders will get fun with fun without any feelings of revenge or guilt after crashing each other’s cars. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Fungsi Keringat)

  1. Gajah Beledug

Gajah Beledug is a Recreation Spot that is almost similar to Rajawali, both can bring visitors to fly at height, but not as high as Rajawali.

When riding it, visitors will be invited to go round and round. As the name implies, this Recreation Spot has an elephant shape which is certainly very favored by children.

  1. Turangga Rangga

This familiar game is known as a carousel. It is suitable for children or adults who want to relax.

  1. Alap Alap

Alap Alap is a bit similar to lightning in a smaller form. Of course not as scary as lightning rides.

If lightning only rotates once, but the track’s length is long and tortuous, it will invite visitors to rotate up to three times. But of course the obstacles aren’t as scary as Halilintar.

C. Water ride

  1. Ice Age Arctic Adventure

Ice Age Arctic Adventure is the first ice-themed ride in Asia. For lovers of the Ice Age animated film, this Recreation Spot must be tried when visiting Dufan.

Visitors can feel the process of melting ice at the North Pole which is exactly the same as told in the animated film Ice Age.

Not only that, because there are still exciting adventures packed in the dark ride concept. Where the adventure will be accompanied by the thrill of various special effects and advanced technology that is full of surprises.

  1. Niagara Gara

Niagara Gara is a Recreation Spot with a wooden beam-shaped glide which invites us to feel the excitement that appears fast following the flow of water.

Where the climax is that we are brought up as high as 20 meters and plunge as if drifting along the flow of waterfalls like those found in the rivers of the United States.

  1. Rafting

If this one is a Recreation Spot that will make visitors almost drenched. Visitors will be taken around the river for 325 meters with a very heavy current.

When riding it, as if visitors feel the sensation of riding real rafting. This Recreation Spot of course will bring excitement and is suitable to try with friends.

D. Thrill Ride

  1. Lightning

Lightning is one of the extreme rides that no one can try. This lightning is often also called a roller coaster ride.

The track itself is made in such a way that when the roller coaster crosses it, visitors will feel swirling and reversing at high speed.

  1. Tornado

This one is no less extreme than Halilintar. Tornadoes will take passengers to sit in lined chairs and back to each other.

After the engine is turned on, visitors will be invited to turn upside down and spin in the air. Of course you have to be mentally and physically prepared before trying it.

  1. Hysteria

Adding to the row of extreme rides in Dufan, Hysteria will invite visitors to scream in fear.

How come? Visitors will be thrown up in a short time. After that it will be thrown down very quickly.

This will be done repeatedly. If you don’t dare, don’t try it once!

  1. Kicir Kicir

Kicir Kicir is commonly known as Power Surge. When riding it, visitors will be invited to rotate 360 ​​°.

Not only normal spinning, but also there will be a twist sensation while sliding at high speed. Make sure you are in a fit body condition if you want to try it.

  1. Pontang Pontang

When riding this Recreation Spot, visitors must be prepared to be invited to turn around and the body will be blown to the right and left.

We will feel a sensation as if we are going to collide with each other because they are crashing so hard.

  1. Ombang Ombang

This kind of Ombang Ombang is found in several amusement parks. This Recreation Spot is also often known as Ombang Ambing.

As the name implies, when riding it as if we were swayed by the waves. We are invited to go up and down in an extreme with a tremendous shock.

  1. Kora Kora

This one Recreation Spot is also often found in other recreational places besides Fantasy World. Kora Kora is a large boat that will swing forward and back very fast.

At first the swing will feel very slow and soft. However, over time the swing will be very fast and can even go back and forth with a slope of up to 90 °.

       That’s all the information about Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol above can help you to know about the Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol so you can get information about Type of Recreation Spot in Dufan Ancol before going to Dufan (World Fantasy) Ancol. (Also read other article at : PAT Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 7 SMP)

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