Tretes Waterfall

Tretes Waterfall

Tretes Waterfall

        Tretes waterfall is the highest waterfall in East Java and it has 2 streams, and it lies in 1250 m above sea level. This waterfall is in area of Raden Soeryo Forest Park in Jurug Guah Mountain, complex of mount Anjasmoro, and part of conservation forest park. Geologically, this waterfall is the result of volcanic rock old quarter. (also read : Marine Tourism of Lamongan or WBL)

        Tretes waterfall is located in East Java, Indonesia. As the name of waterfall, It is exactly located in Tretes sub-village, Gelangdowo village, district of Wonosalam, Jombang regency. It is approximately 40 km driving from the city of Jombang.

        It is very high waterfall. The height of this waterfall is about 158 meters. Therefore, the visitors usually feel amazed when they come to this object for the first time because of the height. However, this waterfall has its own beauty such as its high mountain side, its clean water, and so on. Its natural beauty is still genuine. The temperature of the waterfall is very cold, and the air is still fresh because it is located in high territory.

        The visitors who come to the waterfall not only from Wonosalam area but they are also also from other areas in Jombang, such as Mojoagung, Peterongan, and others. Furthermore the visitors also come from other outside cities of Jombang such as Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Surabaya and others.

        The interesting thing from this waterfall is the natural existence. The visitors who come to the waterfall will be pampered with the waterfall situation that flowing from the mountain, also the green natural panorama. Stones which being let scatter, the mound that being grown by trees will add the fascination around of forest before reaching this waterfall.

        Tretes waterfall seems entertain, after the fatigues to run far, the visitors spill their body to the rapid of waterfall, they can sit on the scattering stones around the waterfall and enjoy the beauty of around the waterfall. Hence, no wonder that this Tretes Waterfall is often become a visit agenda of the youth and schoolchild for having encampment activity and the nature lover who taking a fancy to challenge.

The route to the waterfall

        To visit this object, if you come from Mojokerto, Surabaya, or my hometown, Mojoagung, you just need to find Mojoagung bus station, and then you slightly go straight on from Mojoagung bus station to find T-Junction or traffic light. Don’t be afraid, you’ll absolutely find Mojoagung bus station if you come from these three cities. From the T-Junction you turn left; you follow this route until you see a direction for going to Bareng, it is about 15 minutes from Mojoagung, and then turn right. Be careful the route will be ascending and curving from here. Don’t go anyway you just need to follow this route until you enter a village that names Galeng Dewo, it means you’ll arrive in this tourism object, in this village you’ll see a directive written “Air Terjun Tretes” in Bahasa Indonesia or “Tretes waterfall” in English. You slightly go straight on before entering the parking area in the right side of the street. If you come from Jombang or around it, from Kandangan market look for the direction for going to Bareng or Wonosalam, and follow it until you enter Galeng Dewo village. That will be about 30 minutes.

        That’s all the information about recreation place in Jombang, especially Tretes Waterfall we can share. Let’s go there and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. (also read : RECREATION TO SUKAMADE BEACH)


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