Traveling into New Year

Traveling into New Year

Traveling into New Year

        About two weeks later we will face a new year and this year will be left to step our life in to next year. Let us do introspection about what we have done. Let us to plan do better. For introspection, below we will share a poem about Traveling into New Year in order to be used as our reflection. (also read : Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life)

Below is a poem about Traveling into New Year.

Traveling into New Year

God built and launched this year for us,

Upon the road we step,

Upon the bridge we stand;

It’s our home, our own home,

It’s our vehicle, our own vehicle,

It’s your ship, aye, your own ship,

And we are in command.

Just what the twelve months’ trip will do

Rests wholly, solely, friend, family with us.

Our logbook kept from day to day

My friend, what will it show?

Have you on your appointed way?

Made progress, yes or no?

The log will tell, like guiding star,

The license will say, like luminosity sun,

The sort of captain that you are.

The sort of driver that you are

For weal or woe this year is yours;

Your ship is on life’s sea

Your vehicle is on life’s land

You act, as captain, must decide

Whichever it shall be;

So now in starting on your trip,

Ask God to help you sail your ship.

Ask God to help you drive your vehicle.

        That’s all our post about poem entitled Traveling into New Year we can share for this occasion. We hope that the poem about Traveling into New Year above can be function as our reflection to face next new year. We are aware of our weakness but we should have optimism of getting better things next year. It’s our expectation. (also read : The Most Important Final Test for Human)

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