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Tips for Improving English Skill

Tips for Improving English Skill

Tips for Improving English Skill

Tips for Improving English Skill

 In this occasion we would like to share about Tips for Improving English Skill because we think that it very important for us to have skill of English as it is as the window of the world. (also read : How to make students interested in learning)

Below are some Tips for Improving English Skill:

  1. Always read

 Always read newspaper, magazine, or other reading material printed in English every day. It doesn’t matter whether you are expert in English or not. Don’t be boring for reading which. It is also not necessary to read every page and article; it is time-consuming and, sometimes, boring. However, you should most definitely look for articles that interest you.

  1. Bring dictionary on you.

 Wherever or whenever you are, it is necessary to bring dictionary. It can be a pocket dictionary. They are cheap, compact and useful. There are many words you will find on a day-to-day basis that you do not know, and carrying a pocket dictionary everywhere allows you to look up these words immediately so that the matter would not slip off your mind later. And nowadays you can find your dictionary by adding application on your cellular phone or android so it can be easier for finding difficult words in understanding the meaning from your android. (Also read other article at : The World Is Full Of Love Words)

  1. Instill words in your mind.

 Once we learn, we sometimes also make a conscious effort to use the words in conversation. This instilled the words in our head and we are able to draw on them whenever required.

  1. Make a study group.

 Convince some of your friends to come together and form something of a ‘study group’. Find your friends all interested in learning English as a group, and figured it will make it easier and more fun for you to do it together. Meet your group twice a week in the evening or afternoon and discuss the words and phrases you have come across, suggested articles, magazines, and books to each other, etc.

  1. Use English as communication way.

 Another thing your group of friends and you keep in mind is the importance of talking only in English, whenever possible. During your weekly meetings, don’t use a word of Indonesian (the only other language any of us speak) is uttered. This sort of commitment is absolutely necessary if you want to develop fluency. (Also read other article at : Soal tentang Descriptive Text)

  1. Get the words in your language to English.

 When you think the words of Indonesian, translate them in English in your mind. The first of this process may be the entire process slower and more laborious. So decide to start making a conscious effort to think in English. When you speak in Indonesian, try to figure out beforehand what the phrase would be in English before you say it. This takes some getting used to, but soon you will find it becoming a second nature; the phrases will come faster and easier then. (Also read other article at : Istilah yang Sering Ditemui Dalam Internet)

  1. Watch English television program.

 Every night or every day you should watch an English news channel or film for at least half an hour. The news anchors and reporters or the actors generally speak very crisp and proper English. It is also useful to watch English TV shows.

 That’s all we can share about Tips for Improving English Skill. We hope that the post about Tips for Improving English Skill above can be useful for us to improve our English skill. (also read : SPEECH TEXT OF STUDENT FAREWELL)

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