Tip to Keep Friendship

Tip to Keep Friendship

       Tip to Keep Friendship. Friendship is very important socialization in our life. Friendship is not like economic thing that should get more profit. However, by having friendship we can share our problem, sadness or our happiness to our friends. We can also get spirit from them. We usually get information from our friends. Friendship is not like math which can be counted. Knowing the importance of friendship makes us try to keep it as well as possible. But how to keep our friendship to be effective?

       Here, I will explain about how to keep friendship. There are some tricks that can be used to keep friendship.

The first, be loyal. Friendship requires loyalty.

       Friends don’t talk about each other in negative ways with others. They don’t repeat rumors or gossip that would hurt their friend. They stand up for each other and watch each other’s back. Good friends can relax in the knowledge that their frailties and faults are accepted, even loved, and aren’t fodder for gossip with others.

The second, don’t call our friends with wrong name.

       We must call them with right name. If we call them with wrong name, it indicates that we don’t pay attention to them. Name is important and valuable thing for everyone. The name called correctly is a kind of respect for the owner of it. So, we must remember or write the names of our friends correctly. If we forget their name, we can check our name lists.

The third, never hesitate to apologize to your friend.

       When you make ​​a mistake on it to him/her, don’ be ashamed or afraid to apologize. After that try to fix your mistake. Vice versa, give forgiveness and forget the mistakes if he/she is guilty.

The fourth, always say hello when meeting a friend.

       If we meet our friends, we have to say “Hi, Novi; Assalamu’alaikum, Ria,” etc. Greeting shows that we are not arrogant person. When we are walking, we have to look at people around us. Don’t forget to say “Hallo” to everyone that we know although they may forget our name.

The fifth, keep in contact.

       Good friends don’t let a lot of time slip by without connecting. Long conversations are often interspersed with quick texts, fly-by hellos, and email check-ins. Friends are woven into the fabric of our lives in a regular way. A friend wants to know about our life and wants to have opportunities to share in it when it’s possible. Yes, there are some friends who lose touch for decades and pick up right where they left off. But in the meantime, they lost all those years of each other’s company and all those opportunities to deepen the relationship.

The sixth, we have to send them SMS (Short Message Service) once two weeks minimally.

     Don’t send SMS or call only when we need them because they will consider us as an egoist friend. We have to send them SMS although we only ask them how they are or what they do.

The seventh, don’t forget to say “Happy birthday” to them.

       We don’t need to send a present to them because this word is enough as a good friend. We can say it by telephone, SMS, or when we can say directly if we meet them in the school. Write the birthday of our friends in hand phone or block note. Saying “Happy birthday” is very meaningful for our friends who celebrate it or not.

The eighth, don’t forget to come when you are invited.

       For example, we come to their party such as birthday party, wedding party, etc. Remember, our coming to their party is to give a respect for them. The important thing is your coming, even though it is just for a moment. But, sometimes, we have other importance that same as our friends party. What should we do? We must tell our friend about it before and give them some reasons that we cannot attend to their party.

       Friendship is something simple, but actually has many advantages in our life. If we don’t keep it, we and our friend will forget each other. We will forget them and they will forget us too. If we have many friends and can keep it, we are success in our friendship.

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  1. I like this article ways to maintain friendships and the importance of getting our companions in life so I am not wasting friendship because it is difficult to get a friend to understand each other

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