The Wise and Smart King

The Wise and Smart King

The Wise and Smart King

The Wise and Smart King

      Once upon a time, there was a kingdom whom the king used to be gone over one king with another king every year. During the year, the king would live well in the kingdom. He had got everything he wanted so he lived in luxury. However, he should resign as the king after one year reigning in his kingdom. He should remove to the remote island to live there. That time was sad moment, the king was escorted to a remote island to stay. (also read : Abunawas Became a King)

      One day, it turned to find out a new king. The prime minister ordered the guards to announce to the people of the kingdom to the position as a king, however, there was no one interested to be a king because they were not to be expelled to remote island. 

      At last the guards found a young man named Frederick who agreed to be a king. After three days he became a king, he requested many guards and people accompany him to the island. Apparently, on the island were full of dense forests and wild animals. All the king who were sent to the island, had died from being eaten by wild animals. (Also read other article at : Ketika Iman Tergadaikan )

      Frederick King secretly gather 100 strongest men in the kingdom. They were paid to get rid of the beast and open forests on the island. Then, they make homes, farms, and animal farms. The island was turned into a fun place.

      Finally, the year changed. Frederick King faced farewell with smiles and laughter. Of course, it made the prime minister and people wondered. (Also read other article at : Istilah yang Sering Ditemui Dalam Internet)

      “Why do you have fun during this separation? Whereas, the previous kings would cry!” asked Prime minister.

      Frederick King replied. “The previous kings lived in luxury and they cried when he left. However, I always think and plan my future. I’ve changed the remote island of exile into a place of beauty and comfort. Now I can stay on the island in peace.” (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Teks Negosiasi)

The End

      The moral value the above story of The Wise and Smart King is told so that we always plan our lives or the future. Not just for life in the world, but for life in the hereafter.

      That’s all the story of The Wise and Smart King we can share for this occasion. Hopefully we can take the philosophy from the story of The Wise and Smart King above. (also read : Rich Man and Wise God)

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