The Way to Express Gratitude

Express Gratitude

       The Way to Express Gratitude. After posting about expressing congratulation and compliment, in this session I will continue posting speaking skill entitled “The Way to Express Gratitude”  or commonly called Thanking.

       It is normally for us to express our grateful to someone else by saying ‘thank you’ when he / she gives us something or help us do something, or he / she gives a compliment, wish us, etc. for improving information, Let’s follow the explanation below.

     Gratitude is an expression that we show or say to express grateful feeling to other people. When speaking English, we say “thanks” very often. Please say “thank you” when people give us something, help us do something, wish us something and give us a compliment, etc.

The following expressions are gratitude and its response

Expression of Gratitude


I’m so grateful for…

Thank you very much for…

Thank you for

That was nice of you. Thank you

Thanks a lot for…

I really appreciate….

Thanks. / Many thanks

Thanks a million.

Thanks a lot

Thank you for your help.

I’m really very grateful to you.

Thank you so much.

I should like to express my gratitude

I’m very grateful to you


Don’t mention it

It was my pleasure

You’re welcome

No big deal

I am glad that I can help you

My pleasure

Forget it

That’s what friends are

It’s all right

That’s what friends are.

Yaps, never mind.

It’s a pleasure

That’s all right


Example of expressing gratitude and its response

Dialogue 1

Marina           : Can you help me to take my bag?

Mahmud       : Yes, of course. Here it is.

Marina           : Thank you so much for your helping.

Mahmud       : Yaps, never mind.

Dialogue 2

Lucy : Donny, are you online ?

Donny  : Yes. What’s up ?

Lucy : May I use it for a while ? I need to browse some articles for my history paper

Donny  : Sure. Use it as long as you need. I have done.

Lucy : Thank you very much

Donny  : You’re welcome

       That’s all I can share about The Way to Express Gratitude. Hopefully it will be useful.

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