The Term Related to Learning Process

Term Related to Learning Process

       The Term Related to Learning Process. My beloved reader, especially for teachers, for this occasion I want to share about the term in the ways of learning process. In learning process, we often find some of the terms that have similar meanings, so they often make us confused to distinguish. In the following post I will share the term related to learning process. These terms are:

(1) learning approach,

(2) learning strategies,

(3) learning methods,

(4) learning techniques,

(5) learning tactics, and

(6) learning models.

       The following will be presented such terms, hoping to shed light on the use of the term. Let’s discuss.

Learning Approach

       Learning approach can be interpreted as a starting point or a point of view of learning process, which refers to the view of the occurrence of a process that is still very common, in which facilitate, inspire, strengthen, and underlying theoretical learning method with specified coverage. Judging from this approach, there are two types of learning approaches, namely: (1) learning approach oriented or centered to the student (student centered approach) and (2) learning approach oriented or centered to the teacher (teacher centered approach).

Learning Strategies

     Learning strategies are selected ways to deliver material in a particular learning environment, which includes the nature, scope and sequence of activities that can provide a learning experience to students (Gerlach and Ely). Learning strategies are not only limited to the procedures of activities, but also included teaching material or package (Dick and Carey). Learning strategies consist of all components of teaching materials and procedures that will be used to help students achieve a certain learning purpose, ie learning strategies are also a selection of specific exercises that match the objectives to be achieved (Gropper). Each behavior must be learned, must be practiced. Because every material and teaching purposes different from each other, the kind of activity that should be practiced by the students also require different requirements.

Learning Methods

       The method is the operational steps of the learning strategies chosen in achieving learning objectives, so that the learning resources in using a learning method should be tailored to the type of strategy used. Using the method correctly will show functional strategies in the learning activities.

       The term method can be used in many areas of life, because in general, according to the dictionary of Purwadarminta (1976), the method is the way that has been organized and thought carefully in order to achieve objective.

       Based on the above definition it is clear that understanding of method, in principle is the same, that is a way in order to achieve the goal, in terms of this can be related to the economic, social, political, and religious. The elements of the method may include procedures, systematic, logical, well-planned and activities to achieve the goal.

       The method in this discussion is the method used in learning process. Learning can be defined as any attempt a systematic and deliberate to create conditions for the activities learning can be run effectively and efficiently. In learning activities cannot be separated from the interaction between learning resources with the learners, so it is necessary to carry out the interactions in a variety of ways implementation. Interactions can be created in the learning interaction way, two ways or many ways. For each type of interaction is then clear required range of appropriate methods so that the ultimate goal of learning can be achieved.


       Furthermore, the learning method described in the techniques and styles of learning.

       Thus, learning techniques can be defined as the way a person does in implementing a specific method. For example, the use of a lecture in classes with a relatively large number of students requiring independent techniques, which they would technically be different with the use of a class lecture on the number of students in limited. Similarly, the use of the method of discussion, it is necessary to use different techniques in class that students classified as active with a class that students classified as passive. In this case, the teacher can use alternative techniques despite the corridor of the same methods.


       While learning is a style of one’s tactics in implementing specific teaching methods or techniques that are individualized. Suppose there are two people, both of them use the lecture method, but it may be very different in the tactics it employs. In the presentation, which one tends much interspersed with humor because he had a sense of humor, while the other one lacks a sense of humor, but more use of electronic aids since he was so dominate that field.

       In this style of learning would seem uniqueness or distinctiveness of each teacher, according to his ability, experience and personality type of the teacher. In this tactic, the learning will be a science as well as art


        If the approach, strategies, methods, techniques and even tactics learning are strung into a coherent whole they form what is called the learning model. Thus, the learning model is basically a form of learning which is reflected from start to finish is typically presented by the teacher. In other words, a learning model wrap or frame of the application of the approach, methods, and techniques of learning

       I hope the information above will be useful for us to understand about the term related to learning process.

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