The Story of Ki Ageng Mangir

The Story of Ki Ageng Mangir

     The Story of Ki Ageng Mangir and Dewi Sekar Pembayun. Long – long time ago in Ngentak Mangiran village, there was a potential man. His named was Ki Ageng Mangir. He had supernatural power. He was descendant of the kings of Java, and he also had a powerful weapon. It was a spear named Ki Bagus Klinthing, it was so hard to resist. Ki Ageng Mangir did not want to submit the spear to the Mataram kingdom centered in Kota Gedhe.

       Meanwhile far away from Ngentak Mangiran village, Mataram kingdom was ruled by a king named Prabu Danang Sutawijaya. He was also known as Panembahan Senopati. The king had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Dewi Sekar Pembayun. In the palace, the king had a smart adviser named Ki Juru Mertani.

        One day the king said to the adviser that he wanted to expand his kingdom so he wanted Ngentak Mangir village was as part of his kingdom. However, he did not want to get this village by having war. For this, Ki Juru Mertani asked permission to the king for meditating in order to get an idea. After meditating, Ki Juru Mertani had a brilliant idea.

       The next day, Ki Juru Mertani went to the palace. When he met Prabu Danang Sutawijaya, he gave a brilliant idea for the king to subdue Ki Ageng Mangir through a subtle way so it did not need to do a war for territorial expansion. He gave a proposal to the king that the princess, Dewi Sekar Pembayun was suitable to do disguised as a dancer of ledhek for subduing Ki Ageng Mangir. The king agreed it and asked his daughter and Ki Juru Mertani to realize the adviser’s adea.

      Dewi Sekar Pembayun and some people of the Mataram Palace then practiced to dance regularly. After they were ready to masquerade, they went to Ngentak Mangir. They also used the pseudonym to avoid being recognized.

         On the way to Ngentak Mangir village, they performed in some villages which they passed so that they were well known till Ngentak Mangir. After they passed long way to the village, they arrived in Ngentak Mangir and the performed “Wayang Kulit” and “Ledhek” well in front of Ki Ageng Mangir. Ki Ageng Mangir was so interested to Dewi Sekar Pembayun. He felt in love with her.

     Ki Ageng Mangir wanted to marry Dewi Sekar Pemabayun after they had special relationship with her. She was so glad he wanted to marry her because it was her purpose. She immediately accepted the proposal of Ki ageng Mangir and they got married soon.

            One day in the midnight After Ki Ageng Mangir and Dewi Sekar Pembayun had married, she wanted to steal Ki Ageng Mangir’s weapon when he slept. However, Ki Ageng Mangir suddenly woke up. He shocked and asked Dewi Sekar Pembayun who actually she was. She could not do nothing till she admitted her identity. She admitted that she was the daughter of Panembahan Senopati, the king of Mataram kingdom who was his husband’s enemy.

            Ki Ageng Mangir was very surprised after listening to his wife’ admission. He did not believe that someone whom he loved very much was a daughter of his enemy. He was very angry to her but Dewi Sekar Pembayun melted his heart. He forgave her. She persuaded Ki Ageng Mangir to meet her father in Mataram. He was so confusing but he loved her so much. Finally, he agreed with Dewi Sekar Pembayun to meet Panembahan Senopati in Mataram.

            They went to Mataram with some people of Ngentak Mangir to protect Ki Ageng Mangir. They arrived in Mataram and they were greeted fanfare. The palace holds wedding ceremony event to welcome Ki Ageng Mangir and Dewi Sekar Pembayun.

            Ki Juru Mertani asked Ki Ageng Mangir entrusted his spear to him because it was not polite that a son in law visited the parents in law brought a spear. Ki Ageng Mangir agreed although the Spear had reminded him to disagree the suggestion.

         Arriving at the palace Ki Ageng Mangir did to show respect by kneeling and pressing his face to Panembahan Senopati’s knees but unexpectedly Panembahan Senopati rammed Ki Ageng Mangir’s head with the throne till he dead. Dewi Sekar Pembayun cried aloud to see it and she fainted. After he was aware of a faint, she could do nothing but accept the fact.

       The corpse of Ki Ageng Mangir was buried in Kota Gedhe in the complex of Mataram’s King. The grave of Ki Ageng Mangir stated inside and outside the fork of grave. It was the symbol that he was reputed as a son in low and enemy.

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