The Story of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

       The Story of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. After sharing about nice stories entitled Malin Kundang the Prodigal Son, Timun Emas and others, now I want to share another nice story. Here, I give its title The Story of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. The story is about bad character and good character. The complete story as follow.

       Once upon a time in a village, there lived a little family. The family consisted of father, mother, and a beautiful girl named Bawang Putih. They were a harmonious and happy family despite his father worked as a merchant. One day, the happiness in this family became sadness because the mother died. Bawang Putih was very sad because she was very fond of her mother. So did her father sad because he loved his wife so much.

       A couple of days after the death of Bawang Putih’s mother, there were a widow and her daughter named Bawang Merah used to come to Bawang Putih’s house. The widow often came to Bawang Putih;s house with Bawang Merah by bringing food, helped to work in Bawang Putih;s house, and chatted with Bawang Putih’s father. Finally, the father thought that he should marry the widow and made her as a new mother for Bawang Putih. Then he married her.They become a new family.

       At first, the mother and Bawang Merah pretended they behaved Bawang Putih very well. However, they began to show their bad attitude when the father went out for trading. Bawang Putih was often scolded and given heavy works when the father went to trade. She had to do a lot of housework while the Bawang Merah just sit and did not work at all. However, Bawang Putih never said the situation to his father, so Bawang Merah her mother continued to treat badly to her.

       One day, his father was sick and passed away. Since then, Bawang Putih was treated worse than before. Garlic almost never had a break every day. The mother said to Bawang Putih that she had to do all the house work. “Bawang Putih, from this moment and then, you have to clean all the house, guard the house, wash the clothes, and cook delicious meals.”

       “But mother…”

       “There is no word ‘but’! You must obey my rule! What do you think? I love you?? Oh… No… No… No… I hate you! Why must I be kind to my stepdaughter, ha!?”

       “How poor you are” said her stepsister with a sly smile.

       Her stepsister, Bawang Merah, was very lazy, and she used to change for getting dress every time but Bawang Putih was still more beautiful than her.

       One day, Bawang Putih went to river to wash a lot of clothes. Accidentally, her mother’s clothes were washed away by the river. She was really worried so she walked along the riverside to find the clothes. Finally she met an old woman. She said that she kept the clothes and would give them back to Bawang Putih if she helped the old woman do the household chores.

       Bawang Putih agreed to help her, then she helped her happily. After everything was finished, the old woman returned the clothes. She also gave Bawang Putih a gift. The old woman had two pumpkins, one pumpkin was small and the other one was bigger. Bawang Putih had to choose one.

       Bawang Putih was not a greedy girl. So she took the small one. After thanking the old woman, Bawang Putih then went home. When she arrived home, her stepmother and Bawang Merah were angry. They had been waiting for her all day. Bawang Putih then told about the clothes, the old woman, and the pumpkin. Her mother was really angry so she grabbed the pumpkin and smashed it to the floor. Suddenly they all were surprised. Inside the pumpkin they found jewelries.

       “Bawang Merah, hurry up. Go to the river and throw my clothes into the water. After that, find the old woman. Remember, you have to take the bigger pumpkin,” the stepmother asked Bawang Merah to do exactly the same as Bawang Putih’s experience.

       Bawang Merah immediately went to the river. She threw the clothes and pretended to search them. Not so long after that, she met the old woman. Again she asked Bawang Merah to do household chores. She refused and asked the old woman to give her a big pumpkin.

       The old woman then gave her the big one. Bawang Merah was so happy. She ran very fast. When she arrived home, her mother was impatient. She directly smashed the pumpkin to the floor. They were screaming. There were a lot of venomous snakes inside the pumpkin! They were really scared. They were afraid the snakes would bite them. the venomous snakes were really bite them. Both of them died because of their greed.

       After the happening, Bawang Putih decided to sell all the jewelries and used the money for her daily lives. She lived happily.

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  1. I like this story, this story teaches us that life is ticking, not always happy and a sad, be patient over what we are feeling right now,, because allah certainly give wisdom and the best way.
    allah plan more beautiful ..

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