The Shirt of a Happy Man

The Shirt of a Happy Man

The Shirt of a Happy Man

The Shirt of a Happy Man

        Once upon a time, there was a king who was very powerful and rich. But he was always unhappy because he felt ill all the time. Every healer in the kingdom had tried to cure him, however no one of them could cure him, nor did any medicine make him better. (also read : True Love of Mother and Son)

        One day the king called wise men and asked them what to do to cure him.

        “I am so sorry, Your Majesty, there is only one way, however it is very easy to do.” said oldest of the wise men.

        “You must find a happy man, when you can find him, take off his shirt and put it on you. You’ll be better soon and you will also be as happy as him.” Explain the wise men. (Also read other article at : Someone Who Comes For Me)

        After getting information from the wise men, the king sent his soldiers to search for a happy man around the kingdom. They travelled all over the kingdom. They had gone on and on but they couldn’t find a happy man. There was nobody who was completely satisfied. if a man was rich and healthy, he had a bad wife. everybody had something to complain of.

        The soldiers were very tired of their long search and didn’t know when to go home. just as they were worrying about that, they saw a workman who was singing merrily while he was at work.

        “Are you happy?” they asked the man.

        “Yes, I am as happy as a lark. And maybe I am the happiest man in the world.” answered the man. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Narrative Text)

        “He was a poor man. But he used to smile and sing. How happy he is.” Thought the soldiers.

        The soldiers then brought the happy man to the palace to meet the king. When they arrived to the palace, one of the soldiers came to the king.

        Your Majesty, we have found a happy man, and he is out of gate now.” Said the soldier.

        “Bring the man to me!” ordered the king.

        The door of the king’s room opened. A small, dark man with a happy smile walked in.

        “Come here, the happy man!” said the king. “Please take off your shirt! And I will give much money as you want.” Said the king again.

        The happy man with a little smile put off his shirt and gave it to the king. The king then wore the shirt and looked at himself. He smiled and he felt happy.

        The king then saw the man. Whatdid he see? The happy man, the happiest man in the world, had no shirt, was going home. He was singing and singing.

        That’s all about the story of The Shirt of a Happy Man I can share. We hope that we can get the moral value of the story of The Shirt of a Happy Man. (Also read other article at : Lelakon Bareng Petenge Wengi)

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