The Legend of Watu Ulo Beach

The Legend of Watu Ulo Beach

       The Legend of Watu Ulo Beach. There is another version of myth of Watu Ulo Beach in Jember. The story starts below.

       Once upon a time, there was a couple who loved each other. They were a very beautiful princess name Dewi Blater and a handsome prince called Aryo Pontang. They came from different kingdom in the neighboring area.

       Dewi Blater was a beautiful princess. She was not only beautiful princess but also a nice and kind young lovely princess. Her beauty was well-known among people in the kingdom. She was the center of those days’ life style, her attitude, clothes, shoes, and even hair styles. She also liked helping people, talking to them, even coming to the house of poor people to share food or just to say hello to them. She was an idol of all people in the kingdom. Everybody loved her. Many boys or young men wanted her to be his wife because of her beauty, good manner and kind- hearted. But that was never happened since the princess was only in love with a young handsome prince named Aryo Pontang.

       Aryo Pontang lived in a small castle a part of kingdom next to Dewi Blater’s empire territory. He was a strong handsome young man who would be a king as soon as when his age was twenty-one years old. His hobby was riding horse wondering around his palace area while meeting the people of his kingdom. He also liked hunting in the wood across the border of his regency.

       One day when he went to the wood across the border of his regency for hunting, he met Dewi Blater. There was the first time he met Dewi Blater. He directly felt in love to the her, this also happened to the princess that she felt in love to the princess. They felt in love each other ever since.

       After that Aryo Pontang and Dewi Blater liked to meet on the beach. They really liked playing there almost entire days. They forgot that they had a lot of things to do to serve people of their palace, to help parents at home, to study lesson, even to get along with the other members of their royal family when they were together. They were so in love each other that made everybody got jealous.

      One of the persons who got jealous of them was a queen of South Ocean called Nyi Roro. She was one of woman leaders who were very well-known of having bad temper and emotional personality in the regencies. There were not many people liked her but they did not dare to show their hatred. They had to obey her. Her people obeyed her not because of loving and caring but because they were afraid of being punished. She was very mean. Every day she tried hard to split Dewi Blater and Aryo Pontang, but what she did so far was never worked

       One day when Aryo Pontang and Dewi Blater were playing on the beach, Nyi Roro made believe that she was a fisherman who was willing to guide them sailing around the sea. It was a nice and sunny day, so without any doubt at all they both got on a board and sail away with her. Unexpectedly when they were far away from the beach, the sky was suddenly getting dark and it started raining. It was getting hard and hard rain. It was Nyi Roro who called the hurricane to drown Dewi Blater, the princes. When Aryo Pontang recognized that she was Nyi Roro on the boat, it was too late. She kicked him so hard several times until he laid down to the sea shore. Aryo Pontang tried to catch Dewi Blater but he couldn’t, until then she finally drowned and disappeared. He could not save her. He was very sad longing to her. He gave up everything and stayed on the beach waiting for nothing.

       Nyi Roro was really deep fall in love with Aryo Pontang, but nobody else in his heart except Dewi Blater. Aryo Pontang did not care a minute to Nyi Roro, so she lost her temper. “I don’t want anyone to love you anymore” she cried. “If you want to stay here, do it. If you want Dewi Blater, go for her. I curse you to be a stone”. After Nyi Roro finished saying that damnation, suddenly the sky was so dark, the lightning seemed everywhere and the big explosion heard many times; from the flash was seemed how his body turned into a snake and his head sank into the ocean while a big stone knocked on his tail. He couldn’t move his body. He stayed there ever after.

       To memorize the two lovers, between Aryo Pontang and Dewi Blater, there are two villages named after their names, they are Pontang and Kotta Blater. The beach where the story happened called Watu Ulo Beach. There is a myth that local people believe if the couple lovers come to the beach they will break up soon unless one of them drown killed by Nyi Roro. However, you don’t need to believe it. Just believe in the fate of Allah.

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  1. I really do not believe that the beach is as easy as it was, had a sad legend. I was struck by the character of the Dewi Blater gorgeous and kind, and to Aryo Pontang he has a loyal nature, they are very suitable although their love ends tragically. for Nyi roro loyal attitude was good but spoil the love of others for its own sake was a bad thing.and to the myth behind this legend that says “love one’s relationship would end if go here together”, it depends on our belief and the truth is to believe of Allah SWT.

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