The Legend of Toba Lake

The Legend of Toba Lake

       The Legend of Toba Lake. There are some articles I have shared to be read related to the legend story, such as: the legend of Sarangan Lake, the legend of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain and others. And now there is another story entitled The Legend of Toba Lake. Let’s enjoy it.

       Once upon a time, there was a poor fisherman lived nearby the river in North Sumatera. His name was Toba. He went fishing early every morning and always returned to his home at night time.

       One day while he was fishing, he was praying “God, please give me a fish. I have stand here for a long time.” Suddenly he set up his net and caught a big golden fish. “Woah, It was a very big fish. And the color is golden. So beautiful” said Toba. He fell in love with the beauty of the fish that he decided not to kill the fish, and made it as a pet instead. So, he took the fish home, cleaned a fish tank and put it in his humble kitchen.

       Starting that day, things changed slowly. Every morning the fisherman went out for fishing, no matter how he left his home in a mess, when he returned home, the house would be tidy again. Furthermore, there was always delicious food served on his dining table. The fisherman never knew how it happened, and where the food came from, and who prepared them for him. It brought enormous curiosity to him that he decided to search for the truth.

       That morning, he went out as usual, but right when he set out his feet outside, quickly and quietly, he made a turn back to his house. Hiding behind his own window, he took a peep of what happen in the house soon after he left it. Suddenly from inside the kitchen, he could see a bright light shining, and soon after the light disappeared, he could see the fish tank was empty, and a beautiful lady was standing inside his kitchen. The lady quickly got some vegetables and did some cooking. She even cleaned the whole house, sweeping and washing the fisherman’s clothes. The fisherman fell in love at the first sight. Before the lady could run away, the fisherman grabbed her hand and proposed to marry her.

       At first, the lady refused for she was just a fish rescued by him. Her deed was a grateful act to repay the fisherman’s kindness for not killing her. But since the fisherman time and again persuaded her to marry him, the lady could not refuse him. She agreed to become the fisherman’s wife with one condition that the fisherman promised not to tell anyone – not even his own family – that she was just a fish. The fisherman promised her.

       Years went by, the fisherman lived happily with his wife, and changed his work and became a farmer. His wife soon became pregnant and delivered a baby that they named “Samosir”. Samosir grew up into a kind boy and obedient as well. He loved to help her parents working in the house or in the farm. One morning, his mother asked him to send lunch to his father in the farm. Samosir was glad to help his mother that he immediately got the basket and headed to the farm.

       It was such a long way to get to the farm that Samosir who had not had any breakfast before, grew tired and hungry. So he stopped to eat a little food from his father’s lunch to ease his hunger. Afterward, he continued his journey, however, he became hungry again and had to eat a little food again. This happened again and again till finally his father’s lunch was finished. When Samosir gave the basket to his father, how angry his father was to get an empty basket.

       “I’m tired working the whole day and expect you to bring some food from your mother, but you finish them all without even thinking of me. How could you? You! A son of a fish!” shouted his father in anger.

       Samosir ran home crying and telling his mother what had happened. He even asked his mother why his father told him that he was a son of a fish. When the mother knew that her husband had eventually broken his promise, she was terribly sad. In tears, she packed all her son’s clothes and asked him to run away to the mountain, never look back, and stay there. Samosir did not understand, but he promised to obey his mother.

       When the mother was sure that her son was safe, she whispered something and slowly she turned herself into a giant fish. And then, the rain came so heavy. Made that area flooding. The water from river was flooding her house and it came more and more and more that the whole village was flooded and finally disappeared from the earth. After a long time, the rain stopped.

       From the top of the mountain, Samosir could only cry to see his village was drowned and the flood surrounded his hiding place. Since then, the place turned into a lake and we called it Lake Toba, and the place where Samosir at the top of the mountain in the middle of lake became an island named, ‘Samosir Island’. We can still visit the lake now, and one of the most beautiful lakes in Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

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