The Legend of Singapore

The Legend of Singapore

The Legend of Singapore

The Legend of Singapore

       Long time ago, there was a king named Nila Utama. The king’s hobby was hunting and He was a great hunter of animals. He also really liked the area with beautiful natural scenery. (Also read : Hawk and Foolish Crow)

       One day, the king Nila Utama heard news about a deer. The deer was very difficult to hunt. The deer was in the forest located on Tanjung Bentam Island.

       The following day the king decided to go to the forest oh Tanjung Bentam Island. He wanted to catch the deer there. Arriving on the island, the king and his entourage immediately hunted.

       After almost a day of hunting, they had not gotten success to catch the deer. The king was very disappointed. (Also read other article at : Doa untuk Guru Pahlawan Pendidikan)

       Finally, they decided to take a short break. When he was resting, a stag suddenly jumped in front of the king. The king immediately took out his sword and chased the deer. Unfortunately, the deer had already escaped and run up to the hill.

       The king and his entourage chased the deer up the hill. After arriving there, he got that the deer was gone.

       Not far from the king stood, there was a large stone. The king then went up and stood on it.

        From the rock, the King saw an island in the distance. The island was surrounded by white sandy beaches.

       “What island is that?” asked the king to his bodyguard.

       “That’s Tumasik Island, Your Majesty,” answered the bodyguard.

       “Let’s go there,” said the king. (Also read other article at : Awal Masuknya Islam di Indonesia)

       The king and his entourage went to the island. Arriving at Tumasik Island, the King was welcomed by an amazing animal.

       The animal was like a big cat. Its neck was furry. It looked dashing and roared very loudly.

       “What animal is that?” asked the king.

       “That is the lion, Your Majesty. Usually lions are in Africa. But I don’t know why they can be here ?,” answered the king’s bodyguard.

       “This island is very beautiful. We will make a city and live on this island. Because there is a dashing lion animal here, so from now on, I will give the name of this “Lion City’ or Singapore,” the king said.

       That’s all the article about The Legend of Singapore we can share in this occasion. We hope the post about The Legend of Singapore above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal UTS Prakarya Kelas 7 Semester 1)

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