The Legend of Sedudo Waterfall

The Legend of Sedudo Waterfall

The Legend of Sedudo Waterfall

The Legend of Sedudo Waterfall

        In this occasion I would like to tell about The Legend of Sedudo Waterfalll. The story of The Legend of Sedudo Waterfall is about the effect of different principle of the couple. The content of The Legend Of Sedudo Waterfall can be read as below. (Also read : Unlucky Great Inventor)

The Legend Of Sedudo Waterfall

        Long – long time ago, there lived a couple. They were a young man and a young woman as a family in resident of Berbek. He was very handsome and his wife was a beautiful woman. They were actually a rich couple but they were unhappy family. They had main difficult problem about the principle of life. Her thought that life was from the GOD and would be back to the GOD. Everything was for the GOD. Properties and goods were not importance for him. But his wife thought that life was for being happy, rich and properties was very importance. Everything was for herself.

        Days by days they tried to solve their problem. However, they couldn’t solve those problem. Finally they came to a great man in Kuncir and they were suggested to do the best, worked hard without thinking about the result. They went back and did them all. (Also read other article at : Present Perfect My Whole Life)

        Time by time months changed years. They became very rich. His wife very happy and every day she was proud talking and thinking about her riches. She forgot her husband and the GOD. It made her husband sadder and angrier.

        One day he left his wife and went to a holy man in Ngliman. He learned much about religion. He like staying in quiet place and had meditation under a waterfall. He did it for many days’ event month. He forgot his wife.

        One day he woke up from his meditation and wanted to see his wife at home. But when he arrived home, he did not find her wife. There was only an old woman with angry face. “Go away! This is mine. Everything here is mine.”

        He asked. “Who are you an old woman?”

        The old woman did not answer but she showed her angry to him and said many bad words. He was very sad and confuse. He said by heart, “Where is my wife is? And who is the old woman? Why is she very angry to me? He thought and thought.

        But there was no answer so he decided to go back to the waterfall and stay under the waterfall for his live as a widower. He did know that the woman was his wife. She was old. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal Auxiliary Verb To Be)

        After that His wife stayed alone at home, no husband no child and no friend. She got old and weak. Her face was not beautiful anymore. Everyone didn’t like her. She was very sad and unhappy. For this she decided to left the life of happiness and rich and she went far away. She didn’t want to see her husband and she also did not like to live at home. She stayed under a waterfall of mountain slope as a widow for all her life. She was a trial widow.

        People around the place call the waterfall where the widower stayed is “Sedudo Waterfall”. It is from the word “Widower” means “ Seorang Duda = Sedudo (Java)”. Whereas people around the waterfall where the widow stayed, call “Coban Rondo Waterfall”. It is from the words “a trial (Cobaan=Coban) and Widow (Janda=Rondo).”

         That’s all about the story of The Legend of Sedudo Waterfall. Hopefully it can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8)

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