The Legend of Sarangan Lake

The Legend of Sarangan Lake

the legend of sarangan lake

         The Legend of Sarangan Lake

      Hi, my beloved readers. Have you ever gone to Sarangan Lake? Actually the scenery of this lake is very beautiful, but in this occasion I won’t to share about the scenery of Sarangan Lake, but I want to share about the Legend of Sarangan Lake. So, let’s go the story. (Also read : The Legend of Mount Arjuna)

       Once upon a time in a small village near the slope of Mount Lawu, there lived a couple of farmer named Kyai pasir and Nyai pasir. They lived near the forest. Though they live simply, they lived happily.

       One day, Kyai Pasir went to the forest to cut a big tree. Before cutting it, he saw an egg laid closed by the tree. Kyai Pasir then took a look at the egg deeply. “Hey, what’s animal egg is it?” He is surprised. “Ah, I think this is not a chicken’s egg, because is bigger.” Kyai pasir did not want a headache thinking about what an animal’s egg and finally decided to bring it home. Arriving at home, he gave it to Nyai Pasir. Getting it, Nyai Pasir boiled the egg, and then ate it with Kyai Pasir. After having lunch, Kyai pasir went back to the forest to continue his work.

       Along the way to the forest he still felt how delicious of boiled egg. However, when he reached the forest, suddenly his whole body feels pain, heat, and stiffness. Her eyes began to see stars and his body soaked in cold sweat. He was complaining in pain. (Also read other article at : Chasing Knowledge at beloved School)

       “Oh, why the sudden my whole body hurt like this,” lamented Kyai pasir

       The longer, the pain in his body became increasingly. Kyai pasir was not able to withstand the pain that fall to the ground and rolled up and down. A few moments later, his whole body suddenly turns into a great dragon. Growled very sharp and hard. His form was very horrible. Kyai pasir that has been transformed into a male dragon kept rolling without stopping.

       At the same time, Nyai pasir in the house also suffered the same fate. Apparently, they have eaten are dragon eggs. Nyai pasir who felt his whole body ached immediately ran into the forest to ask for help from the Kyai pasir. What a surprise when she arrived at the forest. She finds her husband has turned into a frightening dragon. She tried to run out of fear. However, because it was no longer able to bear the pain on her body, Nyai pasir collapsed and rolled on the ground. Soon, her entire body covered with scales until it turns into a female dragon. (Also read other article at : Soal UTS Seni Budaya Kelas 8 Semester 1)

       Both dragon rolled around so the ground became a form of basin and it had been excavated. Over time, the basin was increasingly wide and deep. After that, it came storm of water from the bottom of the basin land. The longer storm of water, made the basin was filled with water and turned into a lake.

       By the local people, the lake was named Telega pasir was taken from the name of Kyai and Nyai pasir. However, because its location is in the Sarangan Village so this lake is also called Sarangan Lake. (Also read other article at : Sakwise Riyaya Mungkur)

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  1. I really like this story because the story contains a remarkable history and the story is very nice and interesting and I so know what the hell the story of
    Damarwulan and Anjasmoro

    1. I really like this story because the story contains a remarkable history and the story is very nice and interesting and I so know what the hell the story of The Legend of Sarangan Lake

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