The Legend of Ruai Bird from West Kalimantan

The Legend of Ruai Bird from West Kalimantan

The Legend of Ruai Bird from West Kalimantan

      Long time ago in West Kalimantan, there was a kingdom which it located near the Bawang Mountain and Ruai Mountain. The King had seven little girls. Unhappily, the queen had actually passed away. The king did not intend to remarry. (Also read : Legend Of Sendang Sani)

      The seven daughters were beautiful. Nevertheless, the youngest little girl was one of the most stunning. She was likewise the kindest. She commonly helped other individuals. Her sisters were significantly different. They were lazy. They additionally had attitude problem. They were cruel to individuals.

      The king knew about this different characteristic between his youngest daughter and his six older daughters. So he learnt about his daughters’ practices. He typically advised his older child to practices. He commonly advised his older little girls to behave like the youngest little girl. Regretfully, they never heard the king’s advice. They hated their youngest sibling due to the fact that the king commonly praised her excellent behavior.

      Days by days when the king was going out of the kingdom, the older children commonly did horrible points to the youngest child. They commonly struck her. She was very depressing. She usually cried. She might not inform it to her daddy since her older siblings constantly intimidated her. They would certainly strike her also harder if she informed their daddy. (Also read other story at : Your Mouth Your Tiger)

One day, the king asked all her daughters to meet him.

” I’m mosting likely go to the bordering kingdom. I’ll opt for numerous months. While I’m gone, my youngest daughter will rule the kingdom. Do you comprehend?” asked the king.

” Yes, we do, Your Majesty, “claimed all the little girls.

      The older children were upset. They very upset regarding their youngest sibling was asked to rule the kingdom.

      After the king left, they prepared something negative. They wished to remove their youngest sister. They pretended to be wonderful to her. The youngest child enjoyed. Lastly, her older siblings behaved to her.

      The older sisters asked her to go fishing. They asked to head to Gua Batu or a stone cave. There was a river streaming inside the cavern. And there was a great deal of fish because river.

      The youngest child was so delighted when they ultimately reached the cave. She did not know that her siblings were mosting likely to do something negative to her.

” Rush, let’s go inside the cave. You could discover a lot of fish inside the cavern,” said the oldest daughter.

      The youngest was so excited. As she went inside the cavern, she did not know that her sisters remained outside the cavern. They continued asking her to go inside the cave.

      She kept walking till she was shed! She was calling out all her sisters, however they did not respond. She after that recognized that her siblings did not want her to rule the kingdom anymore.

      She was extremely sad. She sobbed. Instantly an old man came. He was a holy man. He was practicing meditation in the cave. She changed her tears right into eggs.

      ” Don’t fret, I could assist you. You can go back to the kingdom yet you need to change into a bird. I call you Ruai Bird. Afterwards, Brood these eggs. After they hatch, the birds will accompany you,” stated the old man.

      She agreed. Slowly she became a stunning bird. And also nevertheless the eggs were hatched, they went back to the kingdom. They all stayed at the tree near the kingdom. They all saw exactly how the king penalized the older sisters because of their deed in ill-starred of the youngest daughter.

      That’s all the story about The Legend of Ruai Bird from West Kalimantan we can share for this occasion. Hopefully we can take the moral value from the story of The Legend of Ruai Bird from West Kalimantan above. (Also read other story in Indonesianversion at : Asal Usul Kota Indramayu)

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