The legend of Roro Kuning

The legend of Roro Kuning

The legend of Roro Kuning

The legend of Roro Kuning

        Have you gone to Roro Kuning Waterfall? If you have done, we believe you have enjoyed it. Here, however, we will share about the legend of RORO KUNING Waterfall. We do this because we want to give information about the origin of the name of the waterfall. (also read : THE LEGEND OF RORO MENDUT)

Here is the story of legend of Roro Kuning Waterfall:

        Once upon a time in Kediri Kingdom, there was a princess. Her name was Dewi Ruting. She also known as Dewi Kilisuci. She was very beautiful, however, she had suffered from a stranger sickness for all her life. She never stopped having menstrual sickness. So, she had fishy smell. That’s why, there were nobody proposing her, even prince or knight to propose her as his wife although she was the daughter of King Kediri.

        One day, her father, the king of Kediri Kingdom, Lembu Amiluhur said to his daughter, “My princess, Kilisuci, in my opinion, it’s better you go to someone who can cure your problem.”

        “But, where should I go …, My father?” asked Dewi Kilisuci.

        “I believe, there is anyone who can cure your sickness, my daughter.” replied the king. (Also read other article at : Sacrifice Without Expecting Reward)

        Realizing her problem, Dewi Kilisuci was sad. She decided to go away from the kingdom and went wherever she wanted. She did not know where she had to go but she wanted to heal from her sickness. “I never come back to my kingdom before I have succeeded.” Thought the princess.

        Day by day, Dewi Kilisuci entered and exited the woods of Mount Wilis, but she never found anyone who could solve her problem. Just when she was lost in the little village, Dewi Kilisuci met Resi Darmo, in Bajulan village. Then, Dewi Kilisuci told her misery to Resi Darmo. “I have a bad smell for all my body. My father said I have to go out of the kingdom,” said Dewi Kilisuci.

        In a Hermitage of Ringin Putih. In the slope of Mount Wilis. Resi Darmo tried to cure Dewi Kilisuci’s sickness. Every day, Resi Darmo gave herbal to her. The herb was made of leaves from the woods. After a week, Resi Dramo asked to Dewi Kilisuci to take a bath under three waterfalls. (Also read other article at : Soal Uraian Auxiliary Modal Will)

        “Its’s better you are taking a bath under the three waterfalls and pray to Gods to release your sickness.” Said Resi Darmo.

        “Where are the three waterfalls. Resi?” asked Dewi Kilisuci.

        “Find them along the slope of valley around Mount Wilis,” answered Resi Darmo.

        But, it’s not an easy task to find the three waterfalls. She always got some trials and errors along the journey. There were many genies always disturbed her. Fortunately, all disturbances could be overcome easily under the help of Gods.

        Because of the genies disturbances, two of the waterfalls was named “Pacoban Waterfall”. Pacoban means disturbance. The last waterfall was located near the Hermitage of Ringin Putih, near Bajulan village. When Dewi Kilisuci was taking a bath under the waterfall, some of villagers were seeing her. She was looked as the most beautiful girl they had seen before. Her skin was yellowish. Villagers then named the waterfall where the virgin with yellowish skin (Dewi Kilisuci) was taking a bath is “Roro Kuning Waterfall”. Roro means virgin, kuning means yellow.

        That’s all the story about The legend of Roro Kuning Waterfall we can share. We hope the story above can amuse us. (also read other article at : Menuntut Ilmu berbalut Budi Pekerti)

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