The Legend of Reog Ponorogo

The Legend of Reog Ponorogo

       The Legend of Reog Ponorogo. Long-long time ago in Java, there was a big kingdom. The kingdom’s name was Kediri. The kingdom was ruled by a very old king. He had a beautiful daughter named Dewi Sanggalangit. Her beauty was very famous from her father’s kingdom up to neighboring Kingdoms. There were many kings and prince who wanted to ask for her to be his wife.

       Unfortunately, Dewi Sanggalangit seemed not keen enough to settle down. It inevitably confused her parents. In fact, her parents have been very long time for the presence of a grandchild. “My daughter, when will you stop to reject every man who propose you?” asked the King one day.

       “My Father … actually I am not willing to get married yet. But if you insist me to settle down at the soonest, I’ll do. However, I have request some conditions that must be fulfilled by someone who will be my spouse.

      “Then what are your request should be fulfilled by them, my daughter?”

        “I don’t know …”

       “How weird you are! “ said the King.

       “I will meditate asking for God’s guidance. After that I will meet you to convey my wishes.”

        Thus, three days and three nights Dewi Sanggalangit meditated. On the fourth day she went to her father.

        “Father, this is my request, my future husband should be able to present an exciting performance. A performance that have not existed before. A kind of dance with gamelan accompaniment. Equipped with rows of twin horses as much as one hundred and forty. It will be used as a wedding procession. Lastly must be able to bring the two-headed beast.”

      “Are sure those your request? That will really be difficult conditions that you ask for!” Said the King.

        However, although the proposed requirements were difficult to be fulfilled, the King still announced it to everyone. Everyone could follow the competition, no matter whether he was a prince, son of a nobleman or an ordinary person.

        The applicants who had been the passionate to marry Dewi Sanggalangit were discouraged. Many of those who withdrew because they felt unable to meet the Princess’ wish list.

       Finally, only two men claiming to be able to fulfill Dewi Sanggalangit request. They were the King of Lodaya Kingdom named Singabarong and the King of the Bandarangin Kingdom named Kelanaswandana.

        The King was very surprised to hear both Kings wanted to fulfill Dewi Sanggalangit request.  King Singabarong was a unique man; he was a tiger-like headed man, with a fierce and cruel nature. While King Kelanaswandana was a handsome and dashing one, but he had strange habits, he admired the boys. He considered them as beautiful girls.

       But the conditions had been set, Dewi Sanggalangit could not canceled the requirements that had been announced.

       King Singabarong of Lodaya kingdom was a ruthless and cruel ruler. All of his willing had to be obeyed. Anyone who rebelled him would be killed. King Singabarong hulking. From the neck up tangible terrible tiger. Bushy and full of fleas. That was why he maintained an avid peacock pecking-fleas lice.

       He already had a concubine whose numbers aplenty. But he did not yet have a consort. According to him, until this moment there was no woman who deserved to be queen, unless the Dewi Sanggalangit of Kediri. So He was hoping to fulfill requirements posed by the Dewi Sanggalangit.

       King Singabarong had ordered his servants to find the twin’s horses. Mobilize the artists to create an exciting spectacle, and got a two-headed beast. But the job was not easy. Twin’s horses could be collected, but the spectacle with new creations had not been created, as well as two-headed beast had not been acquired.

       So one day he called his prime minister named Iderkala.

   “Hi inderleka, try to investigate how the Kelanaswandana preparing the dewi sanggalangit’s request. We must not lose by Kelanaswandana. ”

   Prime minister Iderkala with his best soldiers immediately went to the Bandarangin kingdom, by pretending to be a trader. They investigated the various efforts made by King Kelanaswandana. After conducting a thorough investigation during the five days they returned to Lodaya.

       “Your Majesty, the Kelanaswandana almost succeeded in realizing request Dewi Sanggalangit. I see more than one hundred twin’s horses have been collected. They also have prepared an exciting show, which is amazing. “Prime minister Iderkala reported.

      “Oh damned! Then soon he could seize Dewi Sanggalangit as his wife.” King Singabarong said. “And what about the two-headed beast, has it also been prepared by them?”

        “Only the animals that they have not been prepared. But it seems a little more they can find it. “Continued the prime minister Iderkala.

        King Singabarong became very angry. He got up from his seat and said loudly.

       “Prime minister Iderkala! Start today, prepare the best soldiers and equipped  with weapon. Every time they should be ready to rush Bandarangin governed.”

       Thus, King Singabarong intended to seize the King Kelanaswandana effort. After a good preparation, the King Singabarong ordered spies to investigate the route of King Kelanaswandana would take, from Wengker to Kadiri. The plan of King Singabarong would invade them on the road and rob the work of King Kelanaswandana, to be handed to dewi Sanggalangit.

     Meanwhile in the kingdom of Bandarangin, king Kelanaswandana called all royal officials and priests. He said that he would stop the habit if he can marry Dewi Sanggalangit of Kadiri. Because he had a dream, that he met with a beautiful girl in his sleep. According to the Gods, the girl that would stop the bad habit fondle boys.

       All officials and ministers approved the will of the King who wanted to marry Dewi Sanggalangit. So when they heard the Dewi Sanggalagit proposed requirements, they were not afraid, all empire servant, both the officials, artists, ordinary people were willing to work hard to fulfill the request of Dewi Sanggalangit.

       Because all people gave their support, then in a short time King Kelanaswandana could prepare the request of Dewi  Sanggalangit. Only two-headed beast that had not been earned. Prime minister Pujanggeleng who worked furiously to find the beast finally gave up, stating inability to his King.

       “It doesn’t matter!” Said King Kelanaswandana. “About two-headed beast, I will search for it myself. Now increase alertness, I smell bad signs from neighboring kingdom. ”

        “What do you mean Your Majesty?” Asked the Prime minister of Pujanggeleng curious.

        “Why do not you pretend to be ordinary people, Mingle with residents in the market and other crowd.”

     The order was executed, then Prime minister Pujanggeleng understood the meaning of the King. Apparently there was an intruder from the kingdom of Lodaya. They were the choice troops posing as a traveling salesman. Pujanggeleng duke who also hold similar disguises, finally able to pry the information, what was the soldiers of Lodaya came to Bandarangin

       Lodaya spies felt thrilled after getting the necessary information. He intended returning to Lodoya. But before passing the border, the men had been surrounded by the soldiers of Prime minister Pujanggeleng, they were fighting and the spies were killed by bandarangin soldiers. And then Pujanggeleng Prime minister met King Kelanaswandana.

       “What do you get?” Asked the King Kelanaswandana.

        “There are intruders from the Lodaya kingdom who want to extract information about the sire effort to fulfill the requirements from Sanggalangit Dewi. king Singabarong, intending to rob us on the way to Kadiri. ”

       “Damn!” Said King Kelanaswandana. “So the King Singabarong will use a sneaky way to get Dewi Sanggalangit. Then we destroyed the Lodaya kingdom. Prepare our troops. ”

       Meanwhile, King Singabarong awaiting reports from spies who were sent to Bandarangin seems restless. He immediately ordered the Prime minister of Iderkala followed to the border. While he himself immediately went to the Castle to see the peacock, because at that time head feels very itchy.

       “Hi peacock! Quick peck the lice on my head! “Cried the King Singabarong with a shaky hold itching.

      The usual peacocks performed their duties immediately alighted on the shoulders of King Singabarong and pecking at the lice on King Singabarong head.

       Peck-peck the peacock felt good, fun, like a cradle so that the King Singabarong complacent and finally fell asleep. He did not know the situation outside the palace. Because there was no soldier who dared to report back to him. It had been ordered to soldiers that if he was in the Castle should not be anyone to go and bother him, if he the order was breached then the perpetrators will be punished to death.

        Because he was asleep, he did not know if out of the palace had come Bandarangin troops invaded and defeated soldiers of Lodaya. Even Prime minister Iderkala sent to the border had been destroyed in advance for passing troop Bandarangin.

        When the war was already spreading to the nearby palace of King Singabarong Castle, then he woke up to noises. While they still hold the bird perched fleas pecking his head, when he saw at a glance from the front of the King Singabarong like two-headed beast that was headed tigers and peacocks.

        “Hey why do you fuss?” Cried the King Singabarong.

       There was no answer, except the passing shadow, a person was none other than King Kelanaswandana. In a momment King Bandarangin  was out on the front of the King Singabarong.

       King Singabarong shocked. “O King Kelanaswandana, what are you doing here?”

     “Do not play dumb with me!” Said King Kelanaswandana. “Aren’t you going to rob my efforts to fulfill the requirements Dewi  Sanggalangit!”

     “Hem, so you have already knonw!” Said King Singabarong with a sense of shame.

       “Yes, that’s why I come to punish you!” Said King Kelanaswandana thus removing its miracle. Directed to the head of King Singabarong. Instantly change Singabarong head. Peacock perched on his shoulder suddenly become one with his head attached to a two-headed King Singabarong.

       King Singabarong was absurdly angry, he pulled out his weapon and jump attacking the king Kelanaswandana. But King Kelanaswandana immediately swung the magic whip named Samandiman. Whips could secrete the heat and his voice like thunder.

      “Jhedhaaar …!” Whip Samandiman so exposed, the body of King Singabarong was bouncing, thrashing around on the ground. Instantly his body felt strangely weak and his body suddenly turned into a strange animal, namely the two-headed tiger heads and peacock. He could not speak and had lost his wits. The king immediately ordered his soldiers to capture and bring king singobarong to the bandarngin kingdom.

      A few days later, King Kelanaswandana sent messengers who told King Kadiri that he soon arrived with the requirements demanded by Dewi Sanggalangit. King Kadiri immediately called his daughter, Dewi Sanggalangit.

        “My daughter, are you really willing to become his wife?”

        “Father … is King Kelanaswandana can fulfill my requirements?”

         Of course, he will come with all the requirements you ask. The problem now, are you sure you wanna become king’s Kelanaswandana  wife? ”

        “If he is my soul mate, then I will accept him. I hope my presence will change his  bad habits. ” said Dewi Sanggalangit.

        Thus, on the appointed day, the king Kelanaswandana came with Reog dance as accompaniment. King  Kelanaswandana came with the accompaniment of a hundred and forty-four twin horses, with the sound of gamelan, gendang and trumpet the cause strange mix of sounds strange, lilting melodious. Coupled with the presence of two-headed beast that danced wild but beautiful and interesting. Everyone who watched cheered with delight, they went unnoticed danced and pranced excitedly followed the sound of music.

        So in the end Dewi Sanggalangit  became the empress of Bandarngin kingdom and brought to Bandarangin in Wengker. Wengker is another name of Ponorogo. From this legend, this dance is called the dance of Reog Reog Ponorogo.

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