The Legend of Rawa Pening

The Legend of Rawa Pening

       The Legend of Rawa Pening. Long time ago in Java island there was a village. The name of the village was Pening. Pening village was a prosperous village.  The land was fertile and the weather was always good around all year.  It was on the slope of Mount Merbabu so the climate was cool.  People made their living by cultivating rice, vegetables and fruits.  The harvest was always satisfying.  So all of them were in happy life.  That’s why once a year they held a ceremony called ‘Bersih desa’.  It was a kind of thanks giving day.  It was a day when they expressed their thankfulness to God for a successful harvest.  They would clean their village and then they would pray together.  At night they would have a dinner together and held theater performances.

       One day after a successful harvest they would celebrate it.  That time they wanted something special for celebrating it.  They wanted more meat for dinner.  So they went to the jungle for hunting. Just outside of the village there was a jungle where there were many animals like deer, buffalos, mouse deer, lambs and many other.  But that day there was no animal at all.  Animals were nowhere to be seen.  They had searched every inch of the wood but still their effort was in vain.  When it was almost dark, they were very tired so they took a rest.  They sat on something that look like a rock and a big root.  Everybody was silent because they were exhausted and disappointed.

       Then suddenly someone chopped the big root with his sword to relief his disappointment.  Amazingly there was blood coming out of the root.  He was surprised, their friends who knew it were also surprised.  Someone else tried to chop it deeper. They found meat!  So they chopped more and more to get a lot of meat.  After their bags were full of meat they were satisfied.  Then they went home happily.

       The day after the happening in the jungle, the people of Pening were preparing a big dinner.  They wanted a special dinner with the meat they got from the jungle. Just as they were preparing dinner, there was a little poor boy came into a little village. He looked very hungry and weak. He knocked at every door and asked for some food, but nobody cared about him. Nobody wanted to help the little boy.

       He begged food to some people.  But they refused.  Someone said:

       “We are preparing dinner.  You may come to our dinner tonight.  But not now”.

       “But I am very hungry, please a little rice for eating”.

       “Just come here tonight.”

      The boy continued begging food to other door and found a little house of an old widow.

       “Please give me food.”

       “Come in a little boy.” The old widow then took care of him.  She was just a poor widow.  She gave him food and shelter.

        “Please eat and drink as you want.” Said an old widow.

       “Thank you, Mom.”

        “You may take a rest here. Join us tonight for dinner”. The old widow said.

       “Thank you very much. But I should go. You are very kind to me.  You are the only one who helped me.  That’s why I will save you. Tonight there will be a great event here.”

       “Yes, there will be a great party.”

       “No, I mean something special.” A little boy replied

       “What do you mean?’

       “I cannot say now.  But listen to me.  Prepare a boat for you.”

       “Why? What will happen?”

       “Just do as I say”

       “Please tell me what will happen?”

       “OK, you are very kind to me so I will tell you but please promise me you won’t tell anyone.”

       “OK, I promise.”

       “Actually I am Naga Baru Klinting.  I am a dragon. I was meditating in the slope of Mount Merbabu when the people of your village hurt me.  They hurt me by chopping my body.  Now they are preparing dinner with meat from my body. So I will take my revenge tonight, but I will save you.  Prepare a boat for you’.

       “Oh, please don’t do that.  Forgive my people.”

       “Whatever will be, will be. Good bye.”

       Then the boy left.  Just before the dinner began at the village hall, some boys were playing in the yard.  Suddenly a little boy came to them.

       “Hi guys a have a game for you.”

       Then he held a small bamboo and attached it to the ground.

       “If you can pull it, I will give you a special present.”

       “Oh, that’s very easy.” a boy said.

       He tried to pull it but it was very strong so he could not pull it.  Another boy tried but he also failed.  Everybody failed.  Then this game drew adult’s attention.  One by one they tried to pull it but all of them could not make it.  When many people gathered then the boy said.

       “O people of Pening.  I am Naga Baru Klinting.  I am a dragon.  I was meditating in the slope of mount Merbabu when you chopped me.  Now I will take my revenge.  Enjoy your party.”

       Then he pulled the bamboo.  Amazingly, water poured from the ground.  The water immediately flooded the village. Finally, the whole village sank under water.  They were all drowned and died in the lake.  There was only one survivor.  The poor old widow.  She had prepared a simple boat so she could survive.  Since then on the lake is called Rawa Pening.  “Rawa” means lake in Javanese and Indonesian language.  Today the lake is located in the province of central Java, Indonesia.

       This is the story about the Legend of Rawa Pening. Hopefully it can entertain us.

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  1. Comments from Legend Rawa Pening
    I think the story is very interesting because it discusses about the legend of rawa pening is located in the province of Central Java, Indonesia. Previously I did not know about the legend of rawa pening, but after reading this story I could tell how the lakes may be called rawa pening. Characters villagers is not good they are not satisfied with the wealth of the village they already have, they are very stingy to a small child who are hungry. old widow character of the figures in the story I deem example because even though he was an old widow and poor, he did not hesitate to help children who are starving. From this story the most important point that can serve as a lesson is when we’re given more sustenance than gods do not forget to give charity because most of our possessions that belong to them. That is all and thank you.

  2. Waw. Fantastic.. i like that story..
    I can’t say anything but that so fantastic story
    Because that like my story life 🙂

  3. Waw Fantastic story
    I can’t say anything else but for me that so beautifull story..
    Like story my life 🙂

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