The Legend of Mount Arjuna

The Legend of Mount Arjuna

The Legend of Mount Arjuna

The Legend of Mount Arjuna

       In the Mahabharata, Pandawa are the five acknowledged sons of Pandu. Their names are Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. Compared to his brothers, Arjuna had the most supernatural power.

     However, he still wanted to have more power by meditating. So He planned to meditate on the top of a mountain to ask the gods to give him supernatural power. He then climbed one big mountain and started meditating on the top of the mountain. (Also read : THE LEGEND OF WATU ULO BEACH)

      Arjuna concentrated meditating very hard days and nights. He was not disturbed by anything around him. While he was meditating, suddenly the mountain was slowly getting bigger and higher. The mountain was so high that it finally touched the heaven. It was the home of the gods. The touching of the mountain made the heaven shaking. The gods and the goddesses were restless. They talked to Batara Guru, the god of all gods.

    Finally Batara Guru ordered Batara Narada to investigate what actually happened in the earth. Then he went to investigate to find out what causes the severe shaking heaven. Batara Narada found Arjuna on the mountain.

       “Get up Arjuna. All people and the gods will be damned if you do not stop your meditation.”  Asked Batara Narada. (Also read other article at : Bersatu dalam Kalbu)

    Actually, Arjuna heard the call of Batara Narada. However, the firmness of his heart to get more supernatural power from the gods caused he did not terminate for meditation. Batara Narada tried again to stop Arjuna’s meditation, but he still did meditation. It made Batara Narada despair.

       “I must immediately report to Batara Guru,” said Batara Narada by his heart. He was rushed back to heaven.

     “We have to stop Arjuna. If he continues to meditate, the mountain is going to be bigger and higher. It will destroy the heaven!” said Batara Narada when he arrived at the heaven.

       Batara Guru then asked a number of beautiful angels. “Tease him to stop his meditation.” Ordered Batara Guru to the angels.

      They flew to the mountain and tried tease Arjuna in order to stop his meditation. One angel was laughing, the other was tickling him, and the other else of angels were trying to make lots of noise. However, the angels failed to stop him for meditation.

       Later, Batara Guru sent some genies. They flew to the mountain. They were trying to scare Arjuna but they also failed. (Also read other article at : Names of Profession in Hospital)

       Finally, Batara Guru asked Batara Ismaya (his famous name was Semar) to stqp Arjuna from meditating. Though Semar was a god, but he lived on earth. His job was to take care of the Pandawas.

       Batara Semar then asked Batara Togog to help him. “I need your help, Togog” Semar said. Then he told to Batara Togog about the task given by Batara Guru.

       “What will we do, Brother?” Batara Togog asked.

    “We must cut off the top of the mountain of where Arjuna meditating,” Semar said.

       “Let’s quickly go, brother!” said Togog excited.

     Later they meditated. Their bodies became very big. Then they cut the mountain where Arjuna was meditating into two big parts. They then threw one part to another area.

       The sound of the mountain hitting the ground was very heavy. Ariuna woke up from his meditating. The heavy sound disturbed his concentration.

      When Arjuna opened his eyes, Batara Semar and Batara Togog immediately came to Arjuna.

       “Please stop your meditation,” said Batara Togog.

“But I want to have more power,” said Arjuna.

       “You already have a lots of power. You did not need more power anymore. If you continue your meditation, the mountain will destroy the heaven!” said Batara Semar wisely.

       Arjuna then realized how dangerous it was. He also realized that he should be grateful with the power he had and he would not to ask for more power. Later, Arjuna left the mountain and went home.

      On this happening, people named the mountain of Arjuna’s meditation as Mount Arjuna while the other part of the mountain that Batara Semar and Batara Togog threw was named Mount Wukir. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Seni Musik)

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