The Legend of Kastoba Lake

The Legend of Kastoba Lake

The Legend of Kastoba Lake

The Legend of Kastoba Lake

        Have you ever gone to Bawean Island? If you have, I’m sure you also have known about Kastoba Lake. However, here I want to share about the legend of Kastoba Lake. (also read : The Legend of Toba Lake)

Below is the story of the legend of Kastoba lake:

         Once upon a time there was a kingdom in Majeti Island (Old Bawean Island). The kingdom was reigned by Goblin. Every creature on this island obeyed him. The ruler of this island was very popular and respected by other kingdom surrounding of this this kingdom as he had a powerful strength for he had a virtuous tree, that they called this tree as Kastoba Tree.

        One day, the king ordered his trusted crew to call a female and male black raven to come over him. When the ravens were present, the Goblin said: “Hi Ravens, I am giving you a new hard assignment, are you going to do this assignment?”. They answered: “Yes we are, You Majesty”. The King trusted them as they used to succeed for any assignment. The King asked them to be quiet to anyone about what he was about to say and order. And both ravens agreed.  The King explained that their kingdom had a virtuous tree, and because of this tree, the kingdom was well respected. The tree’s name was Kastoba Tree. The root, stalk, leaves and branch were useful to solve any bad luck or disaster. One leave of the tree even could heal various diseases. Its flower could make body immune from anything. Finally, he asked both ravens to protect the tree from anyone that knew the virtue of the tree. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Narrative Text)

        Afterwards, ravens went to Majeti island and did their task from their king. They were not alone because king Goblin also asked other powerful genies to strengthen Kastoba tree guards. Everything went perfect when both ravens and genies keep the secret of the virtue of the tree.

        However, there was unusual thing happened. One day in a long dry season, as if it would burn the earth. Suddenly from far away, there was an old man walked slowly with his cane where Kastoba tree grew. The old man had skin disease all over his skin and his eyes were blind. He arrived at Kastoba tree that was guarded by ravens and genies. He meditated under the tree and waited until he got vision from sky so his disease and blind eyes could be healed. Though his eyes were blind, his hearing was still very good. He could hear a subtle conversation. He finally knew the conversation between two ravens stood not far from the place where he meditated. (Also read other article at : Morning Sun Illuminates My Indonesia)

        The male raven said: “How poor old man he is that he is blind and seems that he has been blind for long time”. The female raven said: “So what is on your mind?”. Male raven said: “If he only knew the virtue of this tree that we guard, surely he would be healed from his blindness and disease”. Female raven replied: “You are right, with one leave he can heal his eyes”. Hearing this, the old man became more curious. He was considering the ravens’ conversation. He could hear female raven said: “Stupid old man, for years he has tried to heal his diseases, and after arriving here he is not doing anything, he is only sitting and silence”. The male raven realized that they both have talked too much about the kingdom secret. And the male raven warned female raven to stop the conversation and they both were going to be silence.

        The old man was getting more and more curious and he decided to prove both ravens’ conversation. He stood and picked one leaf of Kastoba tree. He dropped gum from the leaf to his eyes and miraculously he could see the world again. He took few leaves to cure his skin as well. After he was healed completely, he said to the ravens loudly: “Ravens, thank you very much. Because of your information, now i am healed”. Hearing this scream, both ravens were shocked and realized that their conversation was heard and understood by the old man. (Also read other article at : Menjemput Lukisan Malam )

        King Goblin knew this, and he was very angry as his kingdom was threatened. The secret of the kingdom was revealed already. He then pulled out Kastoba tree angrily with his power, and threw it away as far as he could. The tree flied to the sky and disappeared to the bottom of the sea. The hole where Kastoba tree located was expelling water, like spring and it kept flowing and became a lake.

        And then King Goblin punished both ravens as they failed to do their task. They were outcast from Majeti island, not only both ravens, but also all ravens were prohibited to live on the island. Until today, there is no ravens live on Bawean Island. And the lake where it came from the hole of Kastoba tree is called Kastoba Lake that we can see today in Bawean Island.

        That’s all about The Legend of Kastoba Lake I can share to the readers. I hope this story about The Legend of Kastoba Lake can entertain. (also read : THE LEGEND OF TELAGA WARNA)

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