The King became Massager of Abunawas

The King became Massager of Abunawas

The King became Massager of Abunawas

      One day Abunawas was invited to the king’s dinner party. Of course it made He was very glad, and he felt honored. He went to the palace in his best clothes. A servant welcomed him and showed him to his seat, the one nearest to the king’s seat. Soon all ministers appeared and they were seated on their seats. The last person entered the dining room was the king who sat on his special chair. (Also read : Abunawas Walking 0n stilts)

      On each plate was a delicious roast chicken. The smell of the chicken made them hungry. After saying grace, the king invited them to eat. Abu took his knife and fork and was about to cut his chicken when the king suddenly stopped him, “Wait, Abu!”

      “Yes, Your Majesty. Is there anything wrong?” Abunawas asked.

      The king smiled. It seemed that the king wanted to make fun of him again.

      Then he said, “Before you eat your chicken, you must remember one thing.”

      “What is it Your Majesty?” Asked Abunawas.

      “Whatever you do to your chicken, I’ll do that to you, too.” The king continued.

      “What is it Your Majesty?” Asked Abunawas confused.

      “For example, if you cut the chicken’s wing, I will also cut your arm.”

      Abunawas looked sad and disappointed, but it was not long. Soon his face was bright again. Suddenly he put down his fork and knife. He then pinched the chicken’s wing. The king was surprised, for he did not think that Abu would do that. Yet, he could not deny what he had said, so, he pinched Abu’s arm. (Also read other article at : Syarat dan Ketentuan Naskah)

      Next Abu patted the chicken’s back. The king also patted Abu’s back. After that, Abu massaged the chicken’s wings. The king, reluctantly, also massaged Abu’s arms. All ministers wanted to laugh but they did not dare. They just looked down at their plates. After some time the king stopped massaging Abu and patted his shoulders. “All right, Abu, you eat your chicken now!” said the king while grinning.

      “Thank you, Your Majesty!” said Abu gladly.

      “You always able to escape from my punishment,” said King Harun Al-Rasyid again while his mouth was full of food. That time the king looked amused and satisfied. Some ministers smiled and some even laughed a little because they found The King became Massager of Abunawas for a while. Abu did not really care about what the king said because he was enjoying the roasted chicken very much.

      There were more food and laughter during the rest of the party. All were happy.

      This’s end the story of The King became Massager of Abunawas. (Also read other article at : Perbaiki Amal untuk Bekal Akhirat)

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