The Bitter Tongue

The Bitter Tongue

The Bitter Tongue

The Bitter Tongue

        In this occasion I want to share about a story entitled “The Bitter Tongue”. The story of the Bitter Tongue is from North Sumatra. This story can be used to amuse the reader. (Also read : Crocodiles and The Dayaks)

Below is the story of the Bitter Tongue.

        Once upon a time in Serunting (in the area of Sumidang), there was a prince named Putra Tenggang. He was actually the generation of giant. It was reported that he was hostile to his brother in low named Arya Tebing.

        The feeling oh hostile attitude was because of the paddy field. This happened when He had a wide paddy field. His paddy field was beside his brother in low’s paddy field. Their paddy fields were only separated by trees. Under the trees, grew some strange mushrooms. The mushrooms which faced to Arya Tebing’s paddy field grew to be gold. However, the mushrooms which faced to Putra Tenggang’s paddy field grew to be useless plants. Because of that, Putra Tenggang was jealous with Arya Tebing. (Also read other article at : Wise Words from Reader)

        One day, a fight between Putra Tenggang and Arya Tebing could not be avoided. They fought each other. After a moment, Arya Tebing stopped the fight. He realized that serunting was stronger than him. He tried to look for another way to beat Putra Tenggang. Arya Tebing met and persuaded his sister (the wife of Putra Tenggang) to tell him the secret magic of Putra Tenggang. At last he knew it from Putra Tenggang’s wife. It was a trembling grass even no wind to blow it.

        Then Arya Tebing asked Putra Tenggang to continue fighting. Arya Tebing then became the winner after he embedded his spear to the trembling grass. Putra Tenggang got bad injured. So he chose to wander because he was deceived by his wife and Arya Tebing. (Also read other article at : Soal IPA tentang Klasifikasi Makhluk Hidup)

        On his wanderer, he meditated on siguntang mountain. In his meditation, he got a whisper from the God “You must meditate under a bamboo tree until your whole body covered by bamboo leaves.”

        After getting guidance from the God, then Putra Tenggang did the message and got the power. Every word that he said from his mouth would be change to be a curse. Because of this, he called as the bitter tongue.

        After got the power, he went home to his village. On the way home, he tested his power. He saw a yellow paddy field and said “change into stone!”. In a second, that paddy field changed into stones. Sometimes he cursed people on the way, but sometimes he did kindness with changing dried hill into forest. These were he did during his life.

        That’s all the end of the story of “The Bitter Tongue”. Hopefully it can entertain the reader. (Also read other article at : Senja Berlalu dari Langit Biru)

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