The Bird and Greedy Monkey

The Bird and Greedy Monkey

The Bird and Greedy Monkey

The Bird and Greedy Monkey

      Another wise story given to the readers. It was The Bird and Greedy Monkey. 

      Once upon a time in the jungle there was a monkey. This monkey had very bad behavior. He was very lazy and greedy. Every day he used to steal some food from other people. Even though he had some food, he still did it and kept the stolen it in other place in order not to be seen. He did this because he was afraid when somebody else asked for some food to him. He was also very mean. “I must add a little more food so that I have a lot of it to eat and I will not be angry”, he said to himself.

      The days went on; the food in the island where he lived was getting less and less so that he decided to cross the sea to find other island. He did it because he didn’t want to be in starvation. (also read : The Shirt of a Happy Man)

      The following day he made a rowing boat. He cut some wood from the forest and began to make it. It was such a hard wood that he didn’t intend to continue because he was lazy. Then, he tried to find some other wood. This time lie had very soft wood. It made him easy to finish his job. When the rowing boat had been ready, suddenly there was a wood pecker bird flew toward him and stood on the rowing boat.

      “Hi … friend where are you going to go … you look so busy to make a boat”, the wood pecker asked.

      “I am going to sail to find other island. The food here was getting more and more difficult to get, you may take a part in sailing, because I had enough food on boat”, the monkey said.

      “Ok … I’ll go with you”, the bird replied.

      Soon both of them pulled the boat to the coast and loaded the monkey’s luggage and food on the boat. The loyal bird also helped the monkey. “We will find a new world, new food and new green land full of food!” the monkey said. (Also read other article at : When Faith is Individual)

    “Yes I agree with you, my friend”, the bird added. Before sailing, they had a deal. “The one who rows is allowed to eat because it is a heavy duty job, while the one in the front is not!” the monkey said boastfully.

      The bird could not argue as he was not able to row so that it seemed loose then it became a captain in the front of the boat without enjoying the food.

      The monkey didn’t realize that the wood pecker bird knew the cruel intention of the monkey. The bird was disappointed.

      “Damn you bad monkey …!” the bird said to himself by his heart.

      Then the bird pecked the front part of the boat. It could do it easily because the wood was so soft. In a short time the boat began to sink.

      The monkey didn’t know it because he enjoyed eating the food while rowing the boat. Suddenly there was a lot of water in the boat. It made the monkey so shocked that he jumped into the sea and swam difficultly to the closest island. The bird, meanwhile, flew away to leave him. (Also read other article at : UAS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Paket B)

      When he reached an island, he still never took a hint from his experience. He was still stubborn. This time he was so hungry that he was very delighted to see a cashew-fruit tree. It was full of fruits.

      Soon, the hungry monkey climbed up the cashew-fruit tree impatiently. The cashews looked ripe and delicious. He had counted all cashews on that tree before he ate them. Nobody was allowed to pick.

      Some birds were coming to the tree because they liked the cashew fruits very much. They asked the monkey for the cashews but he certainly didn’t permit to take and ordered the birds to look for the fruits in another island. On the other hand, there was an owl flew toward the tree. The owl wanted some fruits too but the monkey stopped it and asked, “Why are you here?”.

      “Can you share the cashews with me?” the owl asked the monkey.

      “Well you may take them if you can sing beautiful song”, the monkey said.

      The bird began to sing but it was not a good song. The owl sang badly. The fact It was impossible for an owl to sing beautifully. The monkey finally instructed the bird to go far away from the tree.

      One day a canary came and asked for the something. “Hey, the kind monkey … could you share the cashew with me?” the bird said dearly to persuade him.

      “Well you must sing for me nicely, first”. the monkey replied. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Teori Pythagoras)

      The little bird then started to sing. It was very nice song that it made the monkey fell asleep. Because of it, the monkey, obviously fell from the high tree and broke his legs. He was wounded seriously and couldn’t walk anymore. All the birds in the island came again to eat and enjoy the delicious cashew fruits but the monkey did nothing. He only blamed himself and finally realized his mistakes.

The END story of The Bird and Greedy Monkey

      That’s all the story entitled The Bird and Greedy Monkey we can share in this occasion. We hope the story about The Bird and Greedy Monkey above can amuse us. (also read : The Bitter Tongue)

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