Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan

Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan

Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan

        Have a nice meeting in recreation information area. Here we will give information about Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan. As we know that Pacitan is a famous place for its beaches. It has a lot of amazing beaches that people can visit. One of them is Teleng Ria beach. (also read : SRAU BEACH PACITAN)

        Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan, as its name, this beach is one of beaches in Pacitan. It is the nearest beach in Pacitan because It is only about 5 km from the city of Pacitan. It is exactly located in Teleng village, Pacitan District, Pacitan Regency. It can easily be reached by motorcycles, cars or other vehicles about 10 minutes from the city.

        There are some activities can be done by visitors when they go to Teleng Ria beach Pacitan such as swimming, walking on the shore of the beach and even enjoying the panorama of Teleng Ria beach. Some people visiting this place also do some activities such as jogging, bicycling etc. If you like to go fishing, that is a possible thing when you are visiting Teleng Ria beach. If you like to swim, I think you should be careful because sometimes big waves come suddenly. Usually, there is a sound of whistle if there are big waves coming suddenly.

        Teleng Ria beach is a good choice for people who want to learn to surf. Teleng Ria beach becomes a place for beginners who want to learn how to surf. The waves are very suitable for beginners because the waves are not big. So, beginners don’t need to be scared of learning to surf in Teleng Ria Beach. Teleng Ria also provides some supporting facilities such as Watch Tower to enjoy the south sea wave, swimming pools, homestays, surfing areas for beginners, pavilions, a stage for cultural event for Bonggo Budoyo and others.

        Teleng Ria beach resorts are also equipped with a hotel which is located only about 100 meters from the beach. For those who like camping, an open field you can use to set up a tent. Food stalls lined built offers a variety of traditional foods and coconut ice. If you want a meal with a romantic atmosphere, right next to the hotel there is a sea food restaurant with views overlooking the sea and live music performances. Teleng Ria beach also offers a children’s playground facilities and outbound arena. This facility is managed by the private sector instead of government employees but to young men and women make use of local or regional around the Teleng Ria beach. In the line of duty, they are able to develop and improve the region becomes more developed. All of that cannot be separated from the creativity of the young men and women of Pacitan. They are able to expand its facilities at the Teleng Ria beach area are supported by hygiene and they also prepare a schedule of activities that will be carried out.

        This beach is also applied for Fish Auction Place (TPI) so that the visitor can buy fresh fish for their souvenirs when they go home.

        After getting information about Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan, why don’t have a plan for having holiday in this beach? Let’s go to Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan and enjoy the exotic view of the beach.

        That’s all about Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan we can share in this post. Hopefully it can be useful for us. (also read : Panorama of Ngliyep Beach)

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