Tears fall in the white grave

Tears fall in the white grave

Tears fall in the white grave

      The following poem is about Tears fall in the white grave that it consists of the expression of someone when his partner of his life has passed away to face her God. However, all the meaning of the content is depending of the readers. (also read : Wipe Away Your Tear)

Below is the poem

Tears fall in the white grave

Sign of White color for the grave,

strange-eyed and white-cotton dressed,

Is this my love so quietly the end of lie?

The sunlight of her sweetness, her dear grace,

All that she gave . . . falls to the earth to die.

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Love has utter sacrifice

Life has old long pain

Lost! lost! and shall this ever live again,

O, God of Mercy!

Sign of White color for the grave

All grace and all glory are gone!

My love was young, my love was sweet and warm,

And so we dreamed as quiet voyagers . . .

Most hateful wreck! too cruel strife and storm!

The grave will cry its hunger every hour;

Yet thus to spoil the glory of a flower,

O, God of Mercy!

Yet in her rest she shall not see gray hairs

Or children laughing on the holy things;

Though every day be dark,

And it is still in the dark

Love looks for light, the old hope climbs and clings

Up through all tears. ….

In the black gloom and pain

My torn heart cries, “Give me my love again,

Don’t let my Tears fall in the white grave

O, God of Mercy!”

     That’s all the poem about Tears fall in a white grave we can share in this occasion to all our beloved readers. We hope the poem above can be useful for us.

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