Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

       In this occasion we’d like to share an example of speaking skill. This is Talking About The Weather. Below is the conversation example of Talking About Weather.  

Situation: Vonny and Ratih talk while walking to their English class.

Vonny: Oh, it feels so cold this morning.

Ratih: You are right. Early this morning my motorcycle was covered with dew. I had to spray it with water before I could drive to school. (Also read : Conversation at the Bus Station)

Vonny: Who would have thought it could be this cold in early December, especially in Surabaya?

Ratih: I know. The temperature was 23 degrees Celsius when I woke up this morning. I was freezing as soon as I got out of bed. The cold weather just hit me by surprise.

Vonny: I cannot remember when it was this cold in early December.

Ratih: Suppose yourself for the rain this afternoon. Cold and wet, Hrrr!

Vonny: It is going to rain this afternoon?

Ratih: Not only this afternoon, but also the rest of the week. 

Vonny: Oh, it is going to be miserable. I have a full class schedule today and tomorrow. To walk from class to class, I will have to juggle my books and my umbrella trying not to get wet. (Also read other article at : Bad Fact Between Human And Nature)

Ratih: You carry too many books. Why don’t you leave some of them in your locker?

Vonny: My locker is a long way from my English classes. This is the reason why I carry all my books with me. Is it going to rain hard or just drizzle?

Ratih: The news said that it would start to drizzle around noon, and then it would rain really hard by three o’clock.

Vonny: No hope for better weather this week?

Ratih: There is a slim chance of sunshine by Saturday. However, it will be foggy, windy, and rainy before the sun comes out this weekend.

Vonny: I am glad that it rains even though I do not like rainy weather. We have a very dry season so far this year. 

Ratih: Yes, I can hardly remember when it rained last time. Well, as long as there is no thunder or lightning, I can bear it.

Vonny: We rarely have thunder or lightning in Surabaya.

Ratih: We are very lucky that Surabaya has good weather. When it is hot, it is not humid; when it rains, there is no thunder or lightning, and the cold weather during the winter season is quite mild compared to the weather of the other places.

Vonny: Yes, we are lucky. However, sometimes when I look at the out door, I just wish we had some dew. It looks so fresh when everything is covered by a plenty of dew. (Also read other article at : Mentari Merindukan Rembulan)

Ratih: Living in Surabaya all my life, I have hardly seen dew. I would not mind enjoying the dew once in a while.

Vonny: Yes, it would be fresh to walk around the dew in the morning.

Ratih: We have hardly seen dew; we have hardly taking a walk by morning Dew We have hardly enjoying the fresh air. We better do something about this.

Vonny: Maybe we should plan a trip to Bromo Mountain during rainy season. I heard that the temperature around Mount Bromo is very cold and there is covered in dew.

Ratih: I don’t think we can afford a trip to Bromo Mountain. We are very busy here.

Vonny: I am just wishing. I know what I will be doing during this season. I will be working very hard to save money for a new motorcycle.

Ratih: With motor cycle that we drive, it is better that we live in a place where there is fresh air.

Vonny: You are right, we are better enjoy what we do now. Ok, I have class right now; see you later in the library.

Ratih: See you later.

        That’s all the post of speaking material about example of Talking About Weather we can share in this occasion. We hope by reading the example of Talking About Weather above can help us to improve our English Skill. Especially our skill in speaking skill. (also read other article at: Soal USBN Seni Budaya SMA)

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