Reflection in New Life

Reflection in New Life

Reflection in New Life

When my eyes opened in the dark morning,

They showed me the greatness of God creatures;

And what I should do after lying on my bed?

What would be some of the secrets of success in my life?

I found the answers right there inside my room.

My bed said: wake up please.

Pillow said; move me out from the head

As I woke and slide my hand

The Blanket said; Fold me please

Hurriedly I folded the blanket

Fan said; be cool and

Roof said; be high aim

I turn off the fan and look at the roof

Then I peep through the window

Window said; See the World

Wall Clock said; every minute is precious

So I looked at my calendar

Calendar said; be up to Date

I hurried to go to the bathroom

The bath door said; Push hard for your Goals

After bathing I looked at my mirror

The Mirror said; Reflect before you Act

When I watch my body

My body said; bring me better

Directly I thought of my soul

My soul said; don’t let me get more Sins

So my visitor, how do you reflect before acting in your new live?

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