Good or Bad Wife

Good or Bad Wife

Good or Bad Wife

Good or Bad Wife

       One day a man came home from the mine where he works. He looked very sad and stressed. When his wife found out about her husband’s condition like that, she became surprised and then she asked her husband; “Honey, what’s wrong with you so you look so pale and stress?” (Also read : Failed Suicide to End Life)

The man said, “All the people I’m working with, died.”

His wife: “Of My Good. What happened??”

The man: “The lift cables were cut and the lift lost control and killed all of them.” (Also read other article at : Mencintai Nabi Muhammad SAW dengan Sedekah oleh Habib Muhammad Bin Abu Bakar Al Muhdhor)

His wife: “Oh my God, How did you survive??”

The man: “I had running stomach so I went to the toilet…. But when I came back, they were all gone.

And as the compensation, the families will receive 10 million each.” (Also read other article at : You Have to Love Yourself) read more

Conversation at the Drugstore

Conversation at the Drugstore

Conversation at the Drugstore

Conversation at the Drugstore

       One day Mr. Gustav went to the Drugstore for some medicines from the prescription of the doctor’s note. When he was arriving in the Drugstore, he met a Pharmacist, and the conversation started as below. (Also read : Conversation at The Library)

Mr. Gustav : Good afternoon

The Pharmacist : Good afternoon, What can I do for you, Sir?

Mr. Gustav : I would like to take some medicine for my prescription.

The Pharmacist : Sure thing, can you give me the prescription of doctor’s note?

Mr. Gustav : Here it is.

The Pharmacist : Okay, give me a moment.

Mr. Gustav : By the way, there is also something else I want to buy.

The Pharmacist : What do you need?

Mr. Gustav : Do you have a cough syrup?

The Pharmacist : What kind of cough? Dry or Phlegm?

Mr. Gustav : For dry cough. (Also read other article at : Jenis dan Contoh Kata Bantu Kerja TO DO)

The Pharmacist : You can find one on the third aisle.

Mr. Gustav : What does the packaging look like?

The Pharmacist : You can find many brands for dry cough. But I suggest you take the green one. read more

Enraged Blind Man

Enraged Blind Man

Enraged Blind Man

Enraged Blind Man

       One night on the city, a man and his wife were going for a stroll. When they were on the stroll, they spotted what was obviously a blind man taking a walk on the other side of the street with a dog accompanied him. (Also read : Clever Student on Mathematic)

       “Wow! Isn’t that something amazing!” remarked the wife, “look at that the blind man taking a stroll just like us.” They continued strolling for a few minutes longer, when suddenly they heard the man let out a loud yelp.

        The dog had walked him right into a parked car and it had made he had been angry so he had clearly banged his shin pretty hard. (Also read other article at : Fear Away from True Friend)

       The man and his wife were surprised what happened. Then they were rushing over to help the dog by asking the blind man not to bang it anymore. However, before saying anything to the blind man, they were very surprised to see the man reach into his pocket and pull out a treat for the dog. read more

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

Wife Lost in Shopping Center

      One day Paijo and his wife went to Shopping Center for buying somethings. However, for a while they were looking for the goods they wanted, they were separated and it made Paijo lost his wife. He had been looking for her for more than an hour but he could not find her. He could not connect with her because her mobile phone was not active. His Wife Lost in Shopping Center. (Also read : The Eagle Who Lived Like a Hen)

In his bedevilment, he met a small girl crying near a toilet. The girl was separated with her mother while they were shopping.

Paijo : “Why are you crying, cute girl?”

The girl : “I have lost my mother.”

Paijo : “Come on, Don’t cry cute girl. Let’s look for together while I also look for my wife.”

Finally, they agreed to look for together. While they were on the way for looking for, they talked together. (Also read other article at : Soal Olimpiade Matematika SD)

Paijo : “Your father didn’t come with you, did he?” read more

A Pious Wife is Everything in Marriage

A Pious Wife

     A Pious Wife is Everything in Marriage. A pious woman’s priority is to seek the pleasure of Allah. She tries acquiring the qualities of a good wife by following the examples of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. and obeying what is commanded in the Book of Allah (Qur’an). Complete obedience and adherence to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and Qur’an is the best of a woman’s qualities. Having a wife like the above woman is an enormous boon us.

        Below is a poem about A Pious Wife is Everything in Marriage

A Pious Wife is Everything in Marriage

Marriage to her is one half of the dien,

The benefit Allah has put in her is yet to be seen.

She wears her hijab for her Lord, to please and obey,

She turns to Allah for shalat at least five times each day.

She prays in the night and makes sure to awake you,

And sprinkles you with water if sleep should overtake you.

She protects her chastity with firmness because she does not desire,

To displease Allah and end up in the tormenting fire. read more