Confession of My Sins

Confession of My Sins

Confession of My Sins

Dear God, I am sorry for sinning,

Sorry for disobeying You,

Sorry for not doing those good

Deeds which I was supposed to do.

I’m sorry, God, for being weak.

As I am weak, to You I’ve come,

To let You know that I’m sorry

For the sins I brought with their outcomes.

I’m sorry, Dear God, please forgive.

Forgive my mistakes that I have done,

And forgive me please, O’ Allah,

Those good deeds that I used to shun

For every wrong thing that I had whispered,

For any sin I said aloud,

For every sin my hands have chosen

While I was feeling lost yet proud

For every wrong thought I shared or hid,

For every Muslim I may have hurt,

For every single mistake I did,

Since the time of my date of birth.

I beg You, God, to please Forgive

Forgive me for all the wrongs I did,

Forgive them to the small mistakes

I did when I was once a kid.

Dear God, let my sins be footprints

Washed away by the waves of the sea

A sea of tears that beg Allah

To forgive me and grant me Mercy.

Dear Allah, please make my sins the cause read more