Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

       In this occasion we’d like to share an example of speaking skill. This is Talking About The Weather. Below is the conversation example of Talking About Weather.  

Situation: Vonny and Ratih talk while walking to their English class.

Vonny: Oh, it feels so cold this morning.

Ratih: You are right. Early this morning my motorcycle was covered with dew. I had to spray it with water before I could drive to school. (Also read : Conversation at the Bus Station)

Vonny: Who would have thought it could be this cold in early December, especially in Surabaya?

Ratih: I know. The temperature was 23 degrees Celsius when I woke up this morning. I was freezing as soon as I got out of bed. The cold weather just hit me by surprise.

Vonny: I cannot remember when it was this cold in early December.

Ratih: Suppose yourself for the rain this afternoon. Cold and wet, Hrrr!

Vonny: It is going to rain this afternoon?

Ratih: Not only this afternoon, but also the rest of the week. 

Vonny: Oh, it is going to be miserable. I have a full class schedule today and tomorrow. To walk from class to class, I will have to juggle my books and my umbrella trying not to get wet. (Also read other article at : Bad Fact Between Human And Nature) read more

Conversation about Weather

Conversation about Weather

Conversation about Weather

        After discussing about some words related to the weather, now we will continue our discussion about the weather. In this case we will talk about example of conversation about weather. However, before giving example of Conversation about Weather, it is better we are giving some phrases that we might hear people saying about the weather. (also read : Common Words Describe Weather)

Below is the material of Conversation about Weather

Some phrases sometimes people use in Conversation about Weather:

Lovely day!

It’s turned out nice again.

Terrible weather, isn’t it?

Isn’t this weather miserable?

Isn’t it cold today?

I hear it’ll clear up later.

It’s looking nice out today.

And below some examples of Conversation about Weather

Conversation about good weather

Linda: Don’t you think it’s really nice outside today?

Randy: Yes, I think it is really nice day. The weather is perfect.

Linda: But I want it is going to rain.

Randy: I hope so. I hope the rain will drop soon.

Linda: I love it. The sky looks so clean after it rains. I especially love the night air after the rains. read more

Common Words Describe Weather

Common Words Describe Weather

Common Words Describe Weather

Common Words Describe Weather

        Talking about weather, there are many words can be used to show about the condition of our environment. And be sure that we know about them. For this we want to share some Common Words Describe Weather. They can be noun, verb, adjective or others. (also read : Indonesian Translation of Color)

Below are some Common Words Describe Weather

Noun words to describe weather


“We expect rain later.”

We can also say “light rain”, “heavy rain”, or “showers” (rain that only lasts for a few minutes.)


“The weather forecast says there’ll be sunshine later.” (Also read : Twilight Beautiful Night)


“I don’t like driving in fog.”


“There’s often some mist in the early morning.”


“Be careful of the ice on the roads.”


We had lots of snow last winter.


There are different types of clouds, such as rain clouds, snow clouds and storm clouds. (Also read other article at : Soal Kata Tanya Bahasa Inggris)

Floods = When there’s too much rain and the fields or roads are covered in water. read more