Five Pillars We Should Do

Five pillars we should do

Five pillars we should do

        In this occasion I want to share a poem about Five pillars we should do as Moslem. There is no doubt that we should do Five pillars of Islam. Although there is no direct verse in the Qur’an that clearly specifies the five “pillars” of Islam as such, yet various Quranic verses indicate five “pillars” or foundations of Islam, they are:

  1. The declaration of faith (shahadat)
  2. The five prescribed daily prayers (shalat)
  3. Fasting (shaum) during the month of Ramadan
  4. Charity (zakat)
  5. The pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca (Makkah) once in one’s life-time, for those who can afford it, materially and physically.

Below is a poem about Five pillars we should do

Allah is One and like no one,

He has no partner, nor a son,

He is Kind and Just and Wise,

And has no form, shape or size.

His final Messenger to all of us,

Did so much without a fuss,

Muhammad is his blessed name,

As mercy to the worlds he came.

Five times a day we make Salah,

That’s when we bow down to Allah,

We ask for guidance when we pray,

And this we do every single day.

We have to share with those in need,

And not give in to thoughts of greed,

Zakat then helps us in this way,

Lest we should err and go astray.

In the month of Ramadan we must fast,

From the first day to the last,

When food and drink we put aside,

By fasting rules we then abide. read more