Recreation to Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo Beach

       Recreation to Watu Ulo Beach. Watu Ulo beach is one of the beautiful beaches in East Java. This beach is very unique because There is a special thing about the beach which is different from any other beaches not only around the beaches in East Java but also around the beaches in Java Island. Why this beach is very unique? because at this beach there is a long stone shaped like a scaly snake, it is like a snake with its head protruding into the sea, while his body was in the mainland.

       Watu Ulo beach is located in the village of Sumberejo, Ambulu sub-district, Jember regency. It is about 40 kilometers southern of the town of Jember. And it is about 235 kilometers from the city of Surabaya. To go there, visitors can use public transport or hire a rental car. The journey there takes about 30 minutes from the center of the town of Jember.

       If you want to go to Watu Ulo Beach and you start from Surabaya, go to Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, then to Jember and continue your travel to Abulu Sub-district and then to the village of Sumberejo. The location of the beach is in the territory of Sumberejo village outside lane to the beach, however, if you are from Bali, just go to Gilimanuk harbor – Ketapang harbor in Banyuwangi, then go to Jember. You do not need to worry to achieve Watu Ulo Beach since its access towards Watu Ulo Beach is smooth asphalt roads about 3 m wide. It can be reached by public transportation or personal vehicles. read more

The Legend of Watu Ulo Beach

The Legend of Watu Ulo Beach

       The Legend of Watu Ulo Beach. There is another version of myth of Watu Ulo Beach in Jember. The story starts below.

       Once upon a time, there was a couple who loved each other. They were a very beautiful princess name Dewi Blater and a handsome prince called Aryo Pontang. They came from different kingdom in the neighboring area.

       Dewi Blater was a beautiful princess. She was not only beautiful princess but also a nice and kind young lovely princess. Her beauty was well-known among people in the kingdom. She was the center of those days’ life style, her attitude, clothes, shoes, and even hair styles. She also liked helping people, talking to them, even coming to the house of poor people to share food or just to say hello to them. She was an idol of all people in the kingdom. Everybody loved her. Many boys or young men wanted her to be his wife because of her beauty, good manner and kind- hearted. But that was never happened since the princess was only in love with a young handsome prince named Aryo Pontang. read more