Expression for Conversation at Airport

Expression for Conversation at Airport

Expression for Conversation at Airport

        After having known about vocabulary words related to the airport and flight (see previous post about Words related to the Airport and Flight), now we want to share some Expression for Conversation at Airport. These common expressions are usually used or heard when we are at the airport for flying to somewhere we go.

Below are some Expression for Conversation at Airport:

The passengers will usually hear some expressions as below when they are at the airport:

  • Ticket please.
  • Your ticket is expired.
  • Your passport is expired.
  • Can I see your tickets?
  • Can I have your ticket?
  • Can I see your passport?
  • May I see your ticket?
  • Do you have an e-ticket?
  • Do you have some photo ID?
  • How many bags are you checking?
  • Did you pack these bags yourself?
  • Do you have a carry-on bag? (a bag or purse to take on the airplane)
  • Do you require special assistance? (example a “wheelchair”)
  • Have you paid your airport improvement fee/tax?
  • Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
  • Your baggage is overweight. (Remove some contents or pay a fine.)
  • Your carry-on luggage is too large.
  • Your flight is delayed. (It’s late.)
  • Your flight has been cancelled. (You must rebook a new flight)
  • Your connecting flight/connection has been cancelled/is delayed.
  • Commands and questions at the Security Checkpoint:
  • Boarding pass, please.
  • ID please. (show your photo ID)
  • Spread your arms out please. (Put your arms up and out to the sides of your body)
  • Take your shoes off.
  • Open your bag.
  • Take off/remove your belt.
  • Do you have any change in your pockets?
  • Do you have any metals?
  • Do you have any food/produce?
  • Do you have any liquids or medicine?
  • Walk through.
  • You must dump all food or beverages. (You can’t bring it through the gates.)

The passengers may need to use the following questions to ask when they are at the airport:

  • Is my flight on time?
  • When should I be at the gate?
  • Where is the boarding gate?
  • Where is the washroom?
  • Can I get a window seat?
  • Is there somewhere to eat?
  • Can I get a coffee at the gate?
  • Is my connection on time?
  • Where do I collect my baggage?
  • Where can I find a taxi?
  • Where is the departure gate?
  • Where is the arrival gate?
  • Where is the check-in desk for ….airlines?
  • Where is the domestics level?
  • Where is the international level?

Example in conversation

Airport official: Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?

Passenger; Here you are.

Airport official: Thank you. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

Passenger; Non-smoking, please.

Airport official: Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

Passenger; An aisle seat, please.

Airport official: Do you have any baggage?

Passenger; Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.

Airport official: Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.

Passenger; Thank you.

        That’s all our post about Expression for Conversation at Airport we can share. We hope that our post about Expression for Conversation at Airport above can be used to improve our English skill, especially when we are having conversation at the airport. (also read : Giving Instruction and Its Response) read more