Never Vanish Feeling Love

Never Vanish Feeling Love

Never Vanish Feeling Love

        Feeling love never vanishes to be discussed or expressed for everyone in the world. Whoever we love can be as our inspiration to string up words. Whatever someone is, whoever, wherever and whenever they fall in love, they will have many ideas to express it. And here we want to share a poem about Never Vanish Feeling Love. (also read : Give Everything Forever Love)

Here is the poem about Never Vanish Feeling Love.

Never Vanish Feeling Love

I have a feeling

That I can comprehend

In my deepest thoughts you are

More than just a friend.

I wouldn’t want to

Rush us now

As love we explore

But there’s a growing love inside

That we just can’t ignore.

I love the times we are

Spend together.

We are comfortable

And free.

I think of you when we are


I think of you and me.

We have a share

Secrets to uncover.

There’s more

To life then we will both discover.

I love you always.

I’ll love you when you’re dumb,

I’ll love you when you’re smart,

I’ll love you anyway you are,

Right from the start.

I’ll love you if you’re tall read more

Mystery of Vanish in Love

Mystery of Vanish in Love

Mystery of Vanish in Love

Mystery of Vanish in Love

      Once upon a time, there were an old man and his son lived in a suburb. His wife had died when the boy was two years old. She got heart attack. The old man loved his son so much that he gave everything his son asked. It was because he did not want to see his son to be sad. He did not want to lose his only son, as he had already lost his wife. He wanted to grow his son well, so that his wife could smile. (Also read : Story of Ande Ande Lumut)

      The boy named Han. Han was sixteen and he was a charming boy. He had oval-faced, and thin cheek. His eyes were as deep as the blue sea. He had a pointed nose—which shone when the sunlight passed on it. His lip was as nice as a thin cut-lemonade.

      Just a week later, he would have his birthday party. The party would be the greatest party ever. All villagers would be invited to attend the party. Their house would be beautifully decorated by the professional decorators. Han’s father took his son to the most branded saloon in the city. He got his new hair-style. He also got some expensive shirts, T-shirts, and trousers that they bought in famous stores. read more