No Way to Valentine’s Day

No Way To Valentine's Day

      No Way to Valentine’s Day. New Year of 2016 will come at some days later. It will be celebrated by many people in the world. And it will be followed by Valentine’s Day about a month after New Year. But is it necessary for us to celebrate it? The answer can conclude by the readers after read my following post. Let’s muse it. 

        February 14th is a very special day for the followers of Valentine’s Day. On that day they express their love and affection to those desired. There are expressing emotions to friends, teachers, parents, brothers or sisters, and the most of them are stating their expression to his beloved. On that day they send a card or gift says “Be my Valentine” or the same meaning “Be my love”.

       In Indonesia, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is of growing concern. Students of Senior High school, Junior High School and even elementary school students are keen to celebrate. If we enter the bookstore or other stores in February, we would see that many shelves containing a variety of Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Not to be outdone, souvenir shops begin selling various themed Valentine’s Day gifts. Malls and supermarkets also decorate the entire room with the pink colors and soft blue, with heart-shaped ornaments and ribbons everywhere. Almost all print and electronic media also broadcast this mysterious program. read more