The Legend of Twin Masks Dance

Twin Masks

       The Legend of Twin Masks Dance. Once upon a time there was a kingdom in East Java. The kingdom name was Bintolo. The king of Bintolo had a very beautiful princess. Because of her beauty, many princes, boys and young men fell in love with her and proposed her to be their wife. However, the princess always refused the wedding proposal politely. She always said that she did not want to get married yet.

       Far away from the kingdom, there was a boy in the small village who lived with his mother. His father had died when he was still a child. The boy’s job was a mask maker. He also knew the princess’ beauty and he fell in love with her but he did not have any courage to propose her. The boy was ugly.

       “How can I propose her? The princess even refused the proposal from the princes and also handsome and rich boys or men,” that’s what this ugly boy always thought.

       However, the mask maker could not stop thinking about the princess. He always thought about her. Days and nights he always thought the beautiful princess. He did not want to eat and he could not sleep either. Soon, the boy was ill. And that made his mother was very sad. She was really worried about him because she loved her son very much. read more