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Klayar Beach for Recreation

Klayar Beach

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 Klayar Beach for Recreation. Spending holiday can be done by travelling to Pacitan. There are some exotic places can be visited as destination for recreation. One of them is Klayar Beach.

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 Klayar Beach is located in Donorojo sub-district, Pacitan Regency. It is exactly located in Candi village. It is about 30 kilometers western of the city of Pacitan. And it can be reached about 60 minutes from the city of Pacitan. However, we should be very careful for the road heading Klayar Beach is a bit challenging (and of course it is rather dangerous too, since it’s only fit for one car).

 When we arrive to the beach after travelling in bit challenging, we will know that it’s definitely worth around it. It’s all so pretty, and we can get awesome pictures when the sky is bright. But we have to be careful when we want to play on the beach, because the wave is pretty high.

 Visitors of this beach will be greeted by the fascinating scenes of powerful waves crashing into huge rocks on the shores, a distinct spectacle as one reaches Klayar Beach. When the tide receded, the beach reveals the captivating view of many shapes and sizes of beautiful rocks sitting on its shores. A strolled down its soft unspoiled sands, accompanied by the rumbling sounds of the tides hitting the shore, will truly give anybody a one of a kind sensation. read more