Conversation at School Canteen

Conversation at School Canteen

Conversation at School Canteen

      This is another material of speaking corner. It is Conversation at School Canteen that we can share for this occasion so that we can be able having more understanding about variety of conversation situation and purpose. (also study : Conversation on Telephone about Banking)

Let’s go to the example of Conversation at School Canteen.

Conversation at School Canteen

Paula    : Hi Nancy, Why do you just stay in the class? Let’s go to the canteen.

(Nancy and Paula are from different class in the same grade. However, they are close friend)

Nancy   : Actually in this break time I have to finish my homework. But, no problem, I can do it later.

Paula    : This homework should be done at home, why didn’t you do it at home?

Nancy   : That’s my bad habit? Any problem?

Paula    : Not really.

Nancy   : Let’s go now!

And they are going to the school canteen. ……

When they are at the canteen.

Nancy   : What do you want to order?

Paula    : I think fried rice and ice tea.

Nancy   : Ok, wait a minute, I tell your order.

Paula    : Ok, thank you.

Nancy   : No problem. read more

Speech about Giving Motivation (Pidato tentang Motivasi)

Speech about Motivation

       Speech about Giving Motivation (Pidato tentang Motivasi). Below is the example about speech entitled giving Motivation to Students. However, You can enlarge the contain of the speech based your own topic.

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

       First of all, let’s say our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT. Shalawat and salam may everlastingly be upon our adoration and shining model, namely Prophet Muhammad SAW, all of his families, companions, and followers.

       To the honorable teachers and to all my priding students of SMPN 1 Tarik,

       I wish today we all are still in the best condition of spirit and willpower in order to become success people in the future days. This bright day could be an omen of the beginning of our days that are getting bright as well. Aamiin.

       To all of my dearest students of SMPN 1 Tarik,

       We all are as your teachers always pray for you so that in the future days each of you could become success people. To become people who can be proud of by this our beloved school, parents, people, and nation. read more