Allah the Most Merciful

Allah the Most Merciful

Allah the Most Merciful

Dear Allah, the Only True God,

The God Who hears, and sees all things,

The All-Knowing One, the Most Near,

The only to You, all my living


Dear Allah, the Only True God

The Most Merciful, who listens

The only to You, I beg everything,


Here I am, begging You again,

Allah, the Most Kind and Loving,

I beg Thee, to please forgive me,

While You are the Most Forgiving.


Forgive me for all that I’ve done,

Forgive my sins -the big and small-

The ones done in public, and the

Hidden ones -Please forgive them all


The mistakes I did on purpose,

And the sins done unknowingly,

O’ Allah, please forgive all sins

I did while You were watching me.


Oh Allah, Most Forgiving One,

I beg You to please forgive me,

Forgive my past, my present, and

Forgive sins which only You can see


Forgive me for I am human,

And every human makes mistakes

But the best of us are those who

Return to God before it’s late.


So here I am praying to You,

Allah, the Hearing and Most Near,

To forgive Your slaves who begs You read more